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An MPU-401 emulation TSR for DOS

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Update 21/01/18 - SoftMPU 1.91 is out! This release adds support for Princess Maker and fixes issues with Compaq BIOS and LPC MPUs.

Update 16/06/14 - SoftMPU 1.9 is out! This release adds support for large SYSEX messages.

Download SoftMPU here:

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Compatibility lists & serial MIDI cable pinouts:

SoftMPU 1.91 - Software MPU-401 Emulator

Copyright (C) 2013-2018 bjt, eliandaCopyright (C) 2002-2013 The DOSBox Team

Release Notes (21/01/18)


SoftMPU is a DOS TSR that emulates an ‘intelligent mode’ hardware MPU-401interface. It’s designed to work in tandem with the MIDI interfaces found onSound Blaster and other common sound cards.

Download Stanton Sound Cards & Media Devices Drivers



Games from the late 80s and early 90s that support music via the RolandMT-32/CM-32L often expect to find a hardware MPU-401 interface that supports‘intelligent mode’. These are now expensive and difficult to find.

By supporting the ‘intelligent mode’ features in software, these games willwork with the basic MIDI interfaces found on sound cards.


  • EMM386 4.46+ (MS-DOS 6.2) or QEMM 7.03+
  • Sound Blaster (or compatible) sound card (MPU-401 & SB-MIDI mode)
  • Serial port (Serial MIDI mode)


Run SoftMPU specifying the base port address and interrupt of your SoundBlaster, and the base port address of the MPU-401 interface, e.g.

Download Stanton Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download


The optional /OUTPUT:SBMIDI switch forces Sound Blaster MIDI to be used. Thismode is intended for use with the Sound Blaster Pro 2 and other sound cardswithout a hardware MPU-401 interface. Game compatibility may be reduced.


Run SoftMPU specifying the serial interface to be used and the base portaddress of the MPU-401 interface, e.g.


A Sound Blaster base port address and IRQ can optionally be specified ifMPU-401 interrupts are required.

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The optional /DELAYSYSEX switch enables small transmission delays to preventbuffer overflow with the Rev.0 MT-32.

The optional /RA50 switch enables simulated “All Notes Off” commands forcompatibility with the Roland RA-50.

SoftMPU will remain active until the PC is restarted. It occupiesapproximately 8KB and can be loaded into high memory using the LH command.


Problem: When using a PS/2 mouse, moving the cursor causes slow playback.Solution: Use a mouse driver that supports direct hardware access e.g. CuteMouse 2.0 (but not 2.1).

Problem: Some games expect to find an MPU interface on IRQ 2, but my sound but my sound card doesn’t support it.Solution: Configure your sound card to use IRQ 9.

Problem: SoftMPU can’t find a hardware MPU interface when using a Sound Blaster Pro 2 or older sound card.Solution: Run SoftMPU with the /OUTPUT:SBMIDI switch.

Problem: My Rev.0 MT-32 displays “EXC. BUFFER OVERFLOW”. Music playback sounds incorrect.Solution: Run SoftMPU with the /DELAYSYSEX switch.

Problem: Music playback stops working after running a specific program.Solution: Restart your PC. Software that reprograms the Real-Time Clock will stop SoftMPU from working correctly.


For compatibility information and serial MIDI cable pinouts, please see


Download Stanton Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Windows 7

Microsoft C 6.0A & MASM 6.11 are required (earlier versions may work, but areuntested).

Download Stanton Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver

The default install directories are C:C600 and C:MASM611. You will need toedit BUILD.BAT if you have selected different install directories.

Run BUILD.BAT to build SOFTMPU.EXE in the current directory.


SoftMPU is distributed under the GNU General Public License. Please readLICENSE for further information.


  • The DOSBox Team for their intelligent mode MPU-401 emulation code. SoftMPUcouldn’t exist without it!
  • Forum members at for their encouragement and advice :)

Download Stanton Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Windows 10

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