• Windows-Driver-Downloads On this page we have listed several Windows drivers, which you might need for some blood glucose meters. All SiDiary meter drivers are included with the update package or our complete SiDiary setup-package!Here you can find i.e. USB-drivers provided by the original manufacturers like Lifescan, BD, GlucoTalk etc.
  • Download Memmert software and drivers for all products. Memmert GmbH + Co. Head office, training center & administration; Aeussere Rittersbacher Strasse 38 D-91126 Schwabach. Driver for Memmert-Devices with USB-Interface. ALL (4 MB) Software. Driver for USB-Cardreader.
  • Here you can download all current drivers including plug-ins (Windows, Linux and macOS) for your SpaceControl product. Attention: Driver versions older than 2.6.0 must be uninstalled before installing a newer version! Windows 32/64: V 2.9.3 (XP, Vista, Win7, 8, 8.1, 10) Linux 32: V 2.9.3 (tested on Debian 9.4.0, Fedora 28.1.1, Ubuntu 18.

PACTware is the manufacturer and fieldbus-independent operating software for all field devices and protocols.

PACTware brings together companies with a wide variety of skill sets. Designed as a manufacturer and fieldbus-independent solution, PACTware forms the framework for uniform device configuration and operation in the field of automation. PACTware handles the entire range of field devices via any communication channel.


Windows NT up to Windows 10 Windows Server 2019 Platform i386 (32 Bit) Platform x64 (64 Bit) Software dkwin-3.10.exe July 2, 2020 1.5 Mbytes How to verify integrity of the downloaded file Release Notes: The driver package can be used to synchronize the computer's system time. It supports all Meinberg plug-in radio clocks for PCs with PCI or ISA bus, all Meinberg USB devices and all external. Download Memmert software and drivers for all products. Driver for Memmert-Devices with USB-Interface. Memmert GmbH + Co.

The PACTware tool can be used to configure, operate, and diagnose all devices in a plant. PACTware uses a uniform operating and interface concept, which makes it the most widely available free FDT frame application for the user. PACTware is flexible even under the most varied operating conditions. Whether operated from a system engineering station or directly on-site: PACTware performs reliably from anywhere.

Download weinmann gmbh co. kg usb devices driver download

The design of PACTware's user interfaces are based on clarity and intuitive operation. The view of the plant can be quickly and easily adapted to individual measuring tasks. Whether using presets or creating a special solution based on special parameters, PACTware supports the user at every step of the device configuration process.

PACTware supports all common communication protocols - regardless of the device type or task. PACTware integrates into all areas of the heterogeneous system landscape through manufacturer-independent interfaces and exchange formats that remain constant over time and a modular structure.

This is made possible by the globally established FDT (Field Device Technology) standard. FDT ensures uniform data exchange between devices and PACTware. DTMs ensure uniform operation of the devices.


Standardized software blocks, or 'Common Components', guarantee the best possible basic technology that is always up to date.

With its modular design, PACTware is open to future fieldbus standards and all current fieldbus standards. Additional functions that are available to all DTMs can be added flexibly via interfaces. These 'add-ins' allow for follow-up checks such as 'audit trails' or 'trending' across multiple devices.

The PACTware member companies make the DTMs that are suitable for their devices available for download via PACTware. This means that you only have one contact person for the device, the appropriate driver (DTM), and PACTware. Service and support are also provided from a single source.

Download Weinmann Gmbh Co. Kg Usb Devices Drivers

Each PACTware installation can operate all HART devices. The setup includes a communication driver for common HART modems and a generic HART device DTM.

With our diabetes-management-software-SiDiary you can easily import data from your Abbott Freestyle Lite, Abbott Freestyle Freedom Lite, Freestyle, Freestyle Mini/Flash or Freestyle Freedom blood glucose meter and use lots of advantages of statistical analysis; trend analysis and graphics to improve your therapy together with your doctor.

Download Weinmann Gmbh Co. Kg USB Devices Driver

This picture shows the data transfer from an Abbott Freestyle Freedom Lite blood glucose meter. The SiDiary Abbott-driver is also available to import meters like

Download Weinmann Gmbh Co. Kg USB Devices Driver

If you plan to replace your device to another blood sugar meter from Abbott in the future, the data transfer from the aboved named devices are immediately available for you.

For the data import from Abbott Freestyle Freedom Lite a data cable is necessary, which you can order as an original manufacturer cable directly from an online-shop.

For this you’ll need a serial Com-Port on your computer. If your computer does not support such a port, you’ll be able to use standard adapters for USB-to-Com. Here we have tested several USB-/Com-adapters, especially for Abbott blood glucose meters.

At this page you'll find more details directly from the manufacturer Abbott.


Download Weinmann Gmbh Co. Kg Usb Devices Driver Download


Download Weinmann Gmbh Co. Kg Usb Devices Driver Updater