Domain login with built in self-service lifecycle management and seamless directory provisioning.

AuthentXware is the only application that integrates a smart card minidriver and full middleware while also allowing credential management activities such as card unlock, certificate updates, biometric logon, and key recovery. AuthentXware provides functionality that is crucial to any logical access control program. Moreover, it does so while conforming to widely accepted standards such as Microsoft Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider (Base CSP), Microsoft Cryptography Application Programming Interface (API), and NIST SP800-73-3.

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AuthentXware is ideal for Agencies seeking HSPD-12, OMB M-11-11, and FICAM compliance. When paired with other products from the AuthentX identity management line, it can support single-sign-on (SSO) or limited sign-on. AuthentXware supports several customers with domain login and self-service lifecycle management.

Lifecycle Management


AuthentXware is unique in its ability to support PIV card lifecycle activities. In conjunction with the AuthentX IDMS, AuthentXware allows desktop users to perform basic card maintenance activities. Streamlining these functions saves time and reduces expenses for help desk and PIV card enrollment and issuance centers, which can instead keep staff focused on mission-critical projects. Our AuthentX IDMS/CMS is the core enabler for multiple card functions such as:

  • PIN Reset
    Vastly reduces help desk calls — and lifecycle costs — by allowing users to reset their own PIN codes.
  • Certificate Updates
    Reduces maintenance costs for updating or renewing PIV card certificates by allowing authenticated users to perform this function from their workstations.
  • Key Escrow
    Supports key escrow requirements with legacy PIV credentials that are not currently stored on the card.
  • Biometric Support
    Enhances security by incorporating an additional authentication factor. Biometric support serves as an alternative to basic PIN entry as well as a form of identity verification for certificate updates.

You just need to unpack the package. In most window environments you can just click on Snap4Arduino. If this fails, you can always run ./run from the command line.


Download Xtec Drivers

Unzip the package and run the Snap4Arduino package. If you wish, you can move it to your Applications folder so you can access it as a regular app.

Microsoft Windows

Download Xtec Driver Download

Just unzip the package and run the installer.

Web version for Chrome/Chromium

Online version requires a Chrome/Chromium plugin to connect to Arduino boards. To install it, just download the plugin package and unzip it. This will create a folder named crx. Then, go to chrome://extensions in your browser, activate the developer mode and drag and drop that folder into that browser tab.
If you prefer to run it offline or in your own server, use this downloadable version.


The embedded command line version works in any GNU/Linux based machine, including embedded platforms and single board computers. New generation Arduino boards like Yun, Tian or Industrial 101 can run this version right inside the board, and if you have a regular Arduino and any kind of Gnu/Linux based single board computer, you can always have the latter be the host computer to the Arduino board, giving autonomy to your project without having to modify your Snap4Arduino program at all.

Download Xtec Driver Installer


Download Xtec Driver Printer

Check out this section of our GitHub wiki.
Happy prototyping!