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Bring the best of Somfy into Savant


There are lots of ways Somfy is compatible with Savant home automation systems. Explore the options below for seamless integration of Somfy motorized products.


myLink™ WiFi to RTS

The myLink™ RTS Smartphone and Tablet Interface is a WiFi to Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) bridge that can control up to 16 channels of RTS motorized products. With the Somfy myLink apps for iOS and Android, users can control individual channels of RTS products and create scenes and schedules. The Somfy myLink Driver for Savant gives Savant systems access to RTS channels and scenes programmed by the Somfy myLink app.

Before you begin:

•Please read the documentation included with the driver.
•Requires a fully operational RTS system with limits set and at least 1 RTS transmitter.
•myLink™ system must be fully operational and programmed with all desired RTS channels using the Somfy myLink™ app. App must also be used to assign a system ID for identification within Savant.
•myLink™ scenes are NOT currently supported in this driver.
•Any changes to number of channels, scenes or myLinks™ in the system will require updating the system configuration in Savant's Blueprint configuration software.
•Compatible with new myLinks and legacy myLinks running firmware 4.08 and higher.
•Requires Savant Pro host running Da Vinci 8.4 or higher.

The Somfy Connect™ UAI Plus

The Somfy Connect™ Universal Automation Interface (UAI) Plus allows for commissioning and integrating Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) over IP. Embedded motor commissioning software streamlines SDN system configuration. The Somfy Connect™ UAI Plus is compatible with the Somfy Synergy™ API as well as drivers from popular home automation systems, making it easy to integrate custom automation programming.


Somfy Drivers


Drivers Sony

Before you begin:

Drivers Sony Sve14ae13u

•Requires a fully operational SDN system commissioned using the Somfy Connect UAI+
•Requires Savant Pro host running Da Vinci 8.4 or higher.