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Synway UMCT series is an open programmable, integrated multimedia switch platform with multimedia processing and signaling capabilities. Step 1: Launch the Driver installation: C: Versadial Files drivers-docs Synway SYNWAYPCI(USB)5410EN.exe. Follow steps; At the ‘Select Features’ window, select Typical, and click Next. The default installation path is: 'C: Shcti ' click Next. Click Yes to allow the application to make the folder.

  • Infinity USB Foot Pedal (IN-USB-2) - FAQ
  • Infinity USB Foot Pedal (IN-USB-2) - Setup Instructions
You can find instructions for the installation and connection of VEC and VPE pedals here.

Install Drivers. We generally recommend downloading the latest version of the driver from the web page: www.synway.net. Once you have done so unzip the downloaded file. There should now be two files a Adobe Acrobat Document and an Application. Double click on the application and this will install the driver for your device.

Please also refer to the 'Connection and Setup' item on Foot Pedal Control on the Express Scribe Help Manual (Help -> Help Contents) if you have not done so already.

If you are using Game Port pedals check you have installed game port drivers. If you do not have specific drivers for your pedals, you will need to install the Windows generic '2 axis, 4 button joystick' device using the Game Controllers item on the Windows Control Panel.

V-Pedals require USB drivers that are provided on the Windows 2000/XP CD-ROM. When the pedals are first plugged in Windows Plug & Play may ask the user to insert their Windows CD-ROM to locate these. If the user cancels this install process or does not have the Windows CD the pedals will not work when running Express Scribe. Express Scribe must be rerun after the USB drivers are installed from the Windows CD-ROM.

You must select the correct port (ie. COM, GamePort or VEC USB) from Express Scribe Settings.

You must run the Foot Pedal Setup Wizard from Express Scribe Settings.

Please Note: We only provide technical support for foot pedals that we have supplied. If someone else supplied your foot pedal, contact them for support.


Drivers Synonym As Verb

Q. I received my foot pedal but there was no software included.

Drivers Synaptics Touchpad

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