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The IXI-Connect OS operating system now runs on Texas Instruments’ high-performance, low-power OMAP processors and GPRS technology, IXI and TI announced today.

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IXI-Connect OS enables mobile operators and phone manufacturers to develop their own User Interface (UI) and to upgrade phones over-the-air by downloading new UI, wireless protocols, drivers and applications. It also features Personal Mobile Gateway (PMG) technology that enables always-on wireless data connectivity for phone companion devices.
'This new reference design showcases the strengths of TI's
complete wireless solutions and IXI’s innovative software architecture for mass market feature phones powered by PMG technology,' said Amit Haller, president and CEO of IXI. 'Utilizing IXI-Connect OS and TI's leading-edge technologies, the new reference design will make the transition from product concept to production fast and simple for handset manufacturers. We will see the TI OMAP platform extending from smart phones to mass market feature phones.'
Manufacturers also benefit from TI's extensive wireless systems solutions and broad base of OMAP software developers who are creating new, innovative applications targeting TI's OMAP platform and complete family of TCS Chipsets.
“IXI-Connect OS, along with TI’s TCS2600 Chipset, is an ideal choice as a low-cost, high-performance platform for PMG devices, enabling new services and increased productivity via connected companion devices,” said Alain Mutricy, TI vice president and general manager for Cellular Systems. “We are delighted to add IXI-Connect OS to the list of operating systems supported by the OMAP platform, and look forward to
the deployment of innovative PMG-based devices using TI OMAP processors.”
The reference design is based on TI's TCS2600 Chipset featuring the OMAP 730 single-chip, second generation GSM GPRS integrated digital baseband and dedicated applications processor. The Chipset also includes key 2.5G building blocks and TI’s BRF6100 Bluetooth Chipset, as well as complete software solutions with protocol stacks for fast product development.

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