Synaptics' TouchPad device drivers are customized and supported by notebook manufacturers to meet specific driver requirements for their individual products. To ensure the appropriate driver for your device, always use the driver your specific notebook OEM supports. Thanks for the advice. Windows sees it, and it works, as a HID input device but it is not declared a touch interface. The panel is a surface acoustic wave so that may be the issue there. Also the manufacturer hasn't updated their drivers in four years. I've decided to fallback to Win 7 as I've got to get this into service. Touchscreen not working. Tablet PC settings also not showing up. Device specifications have changed. I've seen similar posts and have attempted to update my BIOS driver, to no effect. I tried seeing if some power saving options may have been killing the HID - there's no USB Devices connected tha. Download input device drivers or install DriverPack Solution software for driver scan and update. Download Download DriverPack Online. Input device drivers. Are you tired of looking for drivers? DriverPack will automatically select. In order to enable/disable the pen or touch input on the Windows 10 tablets. You will need to access the driver settings in Device Manager. First, go to Control Panel, and from there, click on Device Manager. From there, click on the carrot next to 'Human Interface Devices' to expand that menu.


This is to test the type of touch input that falls into the category of Custom Gestures for a Windows Touchscreen device. This test also checks the 3rd party driver dependencies for the Touchscreen device.

Test names

Other.jsonAssociated compatibility requirements

  • Device.Input.Digitizer.Touch.CustomGestures
  • Device.Input.Digitizer.Base.ThirdPartyDrivers
  • Device.Input.Digitizer.Base.HIDCompliant

Test purpose

Verifies that a Windows Touchscreen device meets the custom gestures and third party driver requirements.Tools required

None.Running the test

The Windows Touch Test combines a set of simple manual tests. The requirements that are tested, include the absence of third party drivers, the absence of custom touch gestures, and the allowed physical dimensions of the device.

Command syntax

Other.jsonPassing criteria

  • 100% of the iterations must pass in order to complete with passing status.

Someone may reported that after upgrading to Windows 10 or reinstalling the Windows 10 system, the HID-Compliant Touch Screen is missing in device manager. When expand Human Interface Devices, there are nothing related HID touch screen. So your Touch screen is stopped working.


What is HID-Compliant Devices?

The abbreviation for Human Interface Device is HID. And in computer, the HID means USB-HID. It is usually a human input or output device such as USB-HID TouchPad, USB Pen, USB keyboard, USB mouse, etc.

Input Device Driver Download

As an input or output device, when you plug a device to the computer, the low right corner will pops a message “A HID-Compliant device has been recognized“. If not, it means, your device cannot be recognized or not working on Windows 10. Such as Touch Screen which is talked about in this article. So how to solve it? Following the next solutions.

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Solution 1: Show All Devices

If the HID-Compliant Touch Screen disappeared in device manager, maybe it is only hidden. So try to view all devices at first.

Follow this path: Device Manager > View > Show Hidden Devices to see if this devices appears or not.

If not, go ahead to fix it by other solutions.

Solution 2: Troubleshoot HID-Compliant Touch Screen

Using troubleshooting to fix the basic devices error will be the first choice. It is easy to operate and detect & fix the problem fast.

1. Goes to Start Menu > Settings > Update & Security.

2. In troubleshoot tab, find Hardware Devices and Run the troubleshooter.

After that, the troubleshooter system tool will start scan the hardware issue including touch screen missing problem and then fix it automatically.

Solution 3: Update HID-Compliant Touch Screen Driver

Installing the missing driver for HID-Compliant touch screen can fix the problem. Here are two ways you can do: use the manually way and automatically way.

Manual way: Because the touch screen is used in the laptop, so its driver will be easy. Goes to the laptop manufacturers’ download center to download the suitable driver manually and install the driver step by step.

Automatic Way: If you do not know or cannot find it by yourself, you can use this easier way. Here you can use Driver Booster to help you.

Driver Booster will scan all the hardware devices and its drivers, then remind you how many drivers are missing, how many drivers are outdated and how many drivers are up-to-date.

1. Download, install and run Driver Booster on your laptop.

Dell Input Device Drivers

2. All you need do is follow these steps: Scan > Update or Update Now.

After using the above two ways to update your HID-Compliant Touch Screen driver, you will find this device listed in human interface devices.

Solution 4: Check Windows Update

Checking Windows update can update can be a way to fix this issue. Because Windows update will update all the drivers including touch screen drivers and its related drivers such as chipset driver. Because someone reported that update the Intel chipset driver can be helpful.

1. Type Windows update in search box to enter the update window.

2. In Windows update, click Check for updates.

Logitech Input Device Driver

After that, Windows system will automatically download and install all the updates of course including update the HID-Compliant touch screen driver.

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