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Sensors / Wireless Products

Current Sensors

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Touchstone Technology was founded in 1982 in order to provide keyboards and other user interface equipment to the new and growing personal computer market. Over the next 30 years we have expanded and grown to provide a wide variety of products. One constant has been our desire and ability to advance and improve upon our capabilities. Touchstone Academy is offiering several options for you to obtain your CDL Permit and your CDL license in this challenging time. UNFORTUNATELY AS A RESULT OF GOV. HOGAN'S UDPATED RESTRICTIONS, WE ARE HOLDING THE PERMIT CLASS EITHER ONE ON ONE IN PERSON OR VIA ZOOM. We are able to create a customized schedule for you.

Touchstone Technology designs and manufactures a wide variety of current sensors for OEMs in the building control industries. Typical product capabilities include switch closures sensors, RS-422, RS-485 and remote transmitters. We have produced a wide variety of custom designs and can create custom current sensors for your business needs.

Environmental Sensors

We have been involved with the design and manufacturing of specialized environmental sensors for many years. Some sensing capabilities include light, temperature, humidity, moisture and CO2. These components can be combined in any format and transmitted via a standard interface to a central monitoring unit.

Wireless Products

With the growth of cellular data networks, Touchstone has designed and manufactured a variety of GPRS (GSM packet radio) networks and devices. With the development of cloud based server intellectual property we are capable of providing a complete end-to-end solution to meet your needs. Standard devices and servers can be customized to meet a wide variety of customer requirements.

Embedded Computer Systems

As computer systems have become more compact, we now have the ability to integrate whole motherboards into reasonably sized LCD monitors. Touchstone Technology has been building these types of systems for a period of time and each system is custom designed to meet our customer’s needs and requirements. We source the computing components that provide the best combination of features, performance and pricing. Finally, in our factory, the motherboard is combined with Touchstone designed cabling and mechanical components and the entire system is integrated, tested and shipped to the customer.

System Management Accessories

Many system builders have the need for simple additional control devices to finish out their integrated embedded systems.

Keyboards / Keypads

Touchstone Technology has manufactured custom keyboard solutions since 1982.

Keyboard capabilities include:

  • Custom keycaps (color, size, printing, backlighting)
  • Keyboards (layouts, waterproofing, membrane)
  • Keyboard controllers – USB, PS-2, RS-232, RS-485

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Due to the large variety of keyboard possibilities, if you do not see what you want listed below please do not hesitate to contact us.

Video Signal Processing

LCD Monitor Controller Boards

Low Cost

Our economical entry-level products support single input DVI/VGA sources in a small size. We have a wide variety of boards available for different applications and markets. Technical support for these boards come from the United States and we are happy to customize them to meet your needs.

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High Resolution

Our middle range products support high-resolution inputs (1920x1200) and have support for board health monitoring, built in LED’s and touchscreen controllers. These products usually are integrated into medical systems or other demanding embedded applications.

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High Capability

At the top end of our LCD monitor controller product line are our high capability boards. These boards support multiple video input sources along with high resolutions and advanced firmware for complex customer requirements. Advanced functionality boards generally support picture in picture.

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Video – Overlay, Mixing, Scaling and Switching Products

Due to the challenging demands of our customers, we have created a family of FPGA based signal processing boards. These boards are capable of video overlay, scaling and mixing. Typical applications include end of life support for LCD panels and casino player tracking video overlay.

Medical / Industrial Monitors

Medical Monitors

Touchstone Technology has a long history of manufacturing monitors for the medical industry. Our monitors are used in market segments ranging from x-ray review and capture to nursing central stations. With our years of experience, regulatory compliance is easy to achieve. All monitors are designed with high reliability and use components with a minimum of 5-year availability.

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Gaming Monitors


Touchstone Technology has supplied monitors to many of the leading companies in the gaming industry and we understand the regulatory and reliability needs. We have a wide variety of gaming monitors available in both touchscreen and non-touchscreen styles. Monitor sizes range from 6.2” player tracking displays up to 26”.

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Custom Monitors

Touchstone Technology’s strongest capability is the creation of custom products that meet customer specific requirements. In the past, we have developed monitors for applications ranging from self-service kiosks to in-flight entertainment seat back video monitors. We have full design capabilities in house (electronics, sheet metal, plastics, cables) and we can completely design a monitor according to your needs. Extensive reuses of components (video controllers and plastics) allow us to save time to market and achieve economies of scale with lower volume products.

FPM 1186 Sellsheet

FPM 1189 Sellsheet

LED Lighting Products

LED Lighting Products

LED lighting is widely replacing fluorescent light bulbs in a variety of applications. Touchstone Technology has been on the forefront of these efforts in the industrial display marketplace.

Current products include:

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  • USB and RS-232 LED controllers
  • DC/DC LED current controlled power supplies
  • LED lighting strips

Touch Controllers

Touchstone Technology has a wide line of Touch Controllers available ranging from standalone products to licensable design solutions.

Touch technologies that are supported include:

  • 4-5-8 wire resistive touchscreens
  • Projected capacitive touchscreens
  • Surface capacitive touchscreens
  • Various interface protocols including USB, RS-232, RS-485, CAN bus, I2C

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We also manufacture translation boards that map a touchscreen protocol to another. This allows host computer software to remain unchanged and have projected capacitive to the surface acoustic wave.

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Touchstone Technology designs and manufactures a wide variety of solutions covering a broad range of industrial applications. Learn more.

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Touchstone Technology designs and manufactures a variety of solutions for a range of industrial applications.


Touchstone Technology has many in house design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.