'winvideo' adaptor, by installing the DirectShow drivers provided by the manufacturer Another workaround would be to use the equivalent FLIR (Point Grey) camera models supported by the vendor's 'Fly Capture SDK' with the 'pointgrey' adaptor in MATLAB. Dikablis eye trackers require the VRMagic drivers (make sure you have the 64 bits version) For Pupil eye trackers, check the Pupil Labs' guide. (Windows only) for better interfacing with UVC-compliant cameras, we recommend to change the camera drivers to enable the uvcengine. Sumix 12A2 driver revision 1.2909.1525.2604 Sumix 150 Sumix 150 driver revision 2.1110.1720.2844 Sumix 15M5x SDK revision 0.1.83 (driver revision 1.1.243). VRmagic Imaging RIC10 SDK Web IP Specific to each device WDM driver Specific to each device Xenics Xeneth API VRmagic offers a wide range of cameras for machine vision applications. The product portfolio extends from USB components such as external analog-digital converters and FPGA cameras through to programmable, intelligent cameras that run on an autonomous Linux operating system.

Magic Drivers

Hello all;

I am using 'camera calibration' node to calibrate a stereo system based on a VRMagic D3 stereo camera.The driver I am using to obtain the images from the camera is 'vrmagic_ros_bridge_server'.My launch file is:

I have remapped the images to a common workspace, and the following topics:

The services that I have available are:

Unfortunately, when I use the 'camera_calibration' node, I have the following error:

Which is obvious, because my vrmagic camera driver is not providing that services. If I use '--no-service-check' flag, the terminal get blocked and I obtain no results.

Drivers Magician

I know this issue has appeared more times on the forums, and all the answers where related to solutions changing or modifying the camera driver to obtain results, but, what if the driver that we are using does NOT provide that services in anyway?It is not possible to calibrate cameras without using stardard camera drivers?

Drivers Vrmagic Xerox

I would appreciate any king of help a lot...

Thank you,

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