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Bienvenue aux nombreux Smart Drivers qui ont rejoint Wikango ce Week-End! Les Smart Drivers sont encore plus nombreux sur les routes! USB Universal Serial Bus - Wikango - MAX driver Drivers Download - Update your computer's drivers using DriverMax, the free driver update tool. Installs the Intel Network Adapter drivers release 22.10 for Windows 10, including Intel PROSet for Windows. Device Manager, Intel Advanced Network Services. Speed Cams Wikango HD v4.3.2 Varies with device download (AlerteGPS), Welcome to the Smart Drivers community of Wikango, European leader in driving assist devices.

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Business / Other Tools / Speed Cams Wikango HD v4.3.2 Varies with device


Speed Cams Wikango HD v4.3.2 Varies with device Description

Driver Wikango 600

Welcome to the Smart Drivers community of Wikango, European leader in driving assist devices and services, now available at an unbeatable price!
!!!Get 1 year of Wikango HD service for 5.49€!!!

Drivers Wikango 700

Welcome to the Smart Drivers community of Wikango, European leader in driving assist devices and services, now available at an unbeatable price!
!!!Get 1 year of Wikango HD service for 5.49€!!!
!Share the information with your friends!
- Mobile Speed Cameras (reported in live by the Wikango community)
- Fixed Speed Cameras
- Redlight Cameras
- Potential Mobile Controls (locations with frequent mobile controls)
- Black Spots
- Danger Zones
- Accidents
- Roadworks
- Traffic Congestions
- Speed limit (in a warning zone)
- Smart Drivers ranking: Gold, silver or bronze medal to indicate how reliable the Smart Drivers are
- Road works can be reported
- New quick report mode
- New GPS-signal management (Red / orange / green icon)
- Revisited design to make the app easier to use (bigger fonts, clear interface)
- Minimize mode: minimize quickly an alert
- MyCar: Choose your vehicle, it is seen by the whole community
- MyMap: Speed Camera and LIVE-warning map
- MyMusic: Manage your playlists
- LIVE-Off-System: Take Wikango HD everywhere and receive all information without 3G connectivity
- Exclusive zone mode with Live preview
- Road mode with Live preview for road hazards (up to 30mi on highways)
- Road mode: indicates the number of Smart Drivers (in front of you and in the opposite direction)
- Alert reliability: indicates the confirmation number of the current alert
- The avatar and nickname of the next user in front of you are displayed in real time!
- As you approach a LIVE warning, the name of the Smart Driver who reported the location is displayed in real-time
- New automatic night mode
- Overspeed beep during the alerts
Mobile speed cameras, road hazards… when something unexpected happens, and simply by pressing the ORANGE button, your location is saved and the information is dispatched to all Smart Drivers around you. The genuine spirit of the community!
- Exclusive functionalities are protected by patents
- Forgot your password? Please contact us at:
[email protected]
- Multitask: Wikango HD can run with your GPS navigation software at the same time
- How to leave the application: Double click the home button of your iPhone and shut the app in the task bar
- Traveling to France? No problem: The declaration of conformity is available from the “Options” menu
- New price: 6 months Wikango service included!
- Additional 12 months Wikango service: 5.49€
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
More on www.mywikango.com
Follow us on facebook and twitter
Wikango is a member of the AFFTAC professional association
[email protected]
(do not answer the week end)
You must respect the local laws in the countries where you use the application (Speed camera warning devices are illegal in several countries – Germany, Switzerland…)

OS: Android, Mobile

License Type:
Driver wikango max
06 October, 2013
Driver wikango 600

Driver Wikango Max


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Screenshot of Speed Cams Wikango HD v4.3.2 Varies with device
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Drivesmart Frequently Asked Questions.

For Product Specific Questions, Please Click On Products.

Mobile camera vans, and mobile police units do not fire at every vehicle that drives past. There needs to be a reasonable suspicion that you are speeding in the first place. If you have driven past at the correct speed limit, they will not shoot the speed camera detector at you.

You should get an alert from the GPS database though. If this did not happen, please get in touch or submit your location so we can cross reference our speed camera database.


It is possible that the incorrect database has been uploaded to your Drivesmart. If this happens, your unit will stop working. To resolve the issue, make sure you download the correct product database and run the update again.

Your unit is probably in Dark Mode. Scroll through the menu and uncheck this option. Dark mode enables you to toggle off the display when driving at night. It stops glare from the display that you might find distracting.

Scroll through the menu and make sure your speed is displayed in either MPH or KPH, according to your preference.

Report A Camera

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