Print Speed

450 cps (HS Draft); 300 cps (Draft), 200 cps (NLQ), 100 cps (LQ) at 10 cpi

Print Method

Serial Impact Dot Matrix


Up to 360 x 360 dpi

Throughput (ECMA 132)

296 pages per hour

Character Density

10, 12, 15, 16.6, 17.1, 20, 24 cpi, Proportional Spacing

Line Density

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 lpi

Printhead Life

400 Million Strokes per pin


up to 256 KB

Standard Connectivity

USB 2.0

Optional Connectivity

Parallel IEEE 1284, Serial RS-232C, Ethernet 10/100, WIFI, Bluetooth

Standard Emulation

Epson ESC P/2, IBM ProPrinter (2390 Plus) or PPDS


HS Draft, Draft, Roman, Sans Serif, Courier, Prestige, Script, Orator, Gothic, Souvenir, OCR-A/B, 8 Barcodes


Black Ribbon: 9 million characters

Standard Paper Handling

Push tractor and single sheet tray

Paper Type

Continuous forms, cut sheet

Number of Copies

Original + 6 (7-part forms)

Paper Weight

52-100 gsm

Paper Size

Width: 95 to 267 mm
Length: 114 to 362 mm (Cut sheet); 114 to 559 mm (Fanfold)

Physical Weight

5.5 kg

Physical Size

369 x 283 x 130 mm (WxDxH)

Power Voltage

120 or 230 V

Power Frequency

50Hz to 60Hz

Power Consumption

less than 1.4 W in Sleep Mode

Reliability MTBF

12,000 hours


Windows 2003/2008/2012 Server, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8.1/10


+5°C to +35°C


10% to 80% (not condensing)


< 57 dB(A) (ISO 7779)


1 year warranty inclusive of printhead


For OCR applications it is recommended that your readers are tested with print samples supplied by DASCOM prior to purchase. Paper is a highly variable medium and should be tested prior to purchase. The quoted consumable life is the average for the printer when used under normal operation conditions.

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Tally Printer Parts

  1. Is tally genicom 9022 such a thing as a free lunch? For over 30 years, leading manufacturers, retailers and tally genicom 9022 providers have relied on the managed print services of Datatrade to keep their barcode label printers, line printers, thermal printers, laser printers, impact printers and mobile label printers genicomm and running.
  2. TallyGenicom was acquired by Printronix in 2009. Printronix is a leading developer, manufacturer and provider of industrial and back-office enterprise printing solutions for office/industrial marketplace and distribution supply chain.

Mannesmann Tally manufactured impact printers for several decades. The company is no longer in business.

In 1949 Philip Renshaw founded Renshaw Industries in Kent, Washington. Renshaw Industries manufactured punch tape readers and later became Tally Ltd. In 1970 Tally Ltd began building line matrix printers.

Tally dascom dl 721z printer driver is free and might be downloaded quickly on this web site, make sure to decide on the appropriate. Print invoice setting in no time, printing from tally server. For download printers tally dascom 7206 printer driver wizard. Follow the instructions of the add printer driver wizard.

The History of Mannesmann Tally Printers

In 1979 Tally and Mannesmann Präzisiontechnik, a German supplier of dot matrix printers, merged to form Mannesmann Tally, a division of the Mannesmann Kienzle computer group.

In 1996 Tally reformed as part of a management buyout, backed by Legal & General Ventures. World headquarters was in Elchingen, Germany with subsidiaries and business partners in more than 130 countries.


Tally continued to manufacture serial dot matrix and professional inkjet printers in Elchingen, Germany. In Kent, Washington they built line printers and color printers. Next Tally merged with GENICOM and formed TallyGenicom in 2003.


Printronix acquired the TallyGenicom brand in 2009. The intellectual property and worldwide distribution rights for the TallyGenicom serial matrix, inkjet and thermal technologies were retained by TallyGenicom AG. Then DASCOM acquired the rights in June 2009.

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Replacing Older Mannesmann Tally Printers

If you have a Mannesmann Tally printer, this website was specifically made to serve you. Tally line printers are built by Printronix now. Mannesman Tally dot matrix printers are built by Dascom now. All printer manufacturers dropped “Mannesmann” from the name. To talk to an expert about replacing your specific Mannesmann Tally printer call us at 1-866-430-6202.

Tally Printer Support

Service and Support for Mannesmann Tally Printers

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Searching for support for an old printer when the manufacturer no longer exists can be tough. But we’re impact printer experts. All of our staff have over 10 years experience with impact printers. Call us at 1-866-430-6202. We can help you out.