TEXA has now released version 17 of their off highway diagnostic software, and it does bring along plenty of changes and updates. While this blog post is by no means complete with all updates and changes, it does cover all the major ones.

This update includes major updates to New Holland. Specifically, Tier 4 Interim models have been updated for following list. Tier 4 Final was already in the system previously, so TEXA is working backwards in time for emission coverage. This includes bi-directional commands such as DPF regeneration.

  • T4 Series
  • T4000N/4000V Series
  • T5 Series
  • T6 Series
  • T7 Series
  • T7000 Series
  • T8 Series
  • Workmaster Series
  • Combine Harvester CR & CX Series

CASE iH is another tractor manufacturer that was actually owned by International Harvester over 30 years ago. Today it is owned by CNH Industrial, which also owns New Holland. Since they are owned by the same company, the electronic systems are very similar, so we see the same updates as the New Holland Tractors. This includes common commands such as SCR tests, component replacement adjustments, and DPF regens on the Tier 4 Interim engines. A good number of SCR tests on the Tier 4 Final emission equipment has also been updated. The list of equipment included in this update includes the following:

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  1. TEXA has updated their IDC5 software to version 50.6.0 which includes better coverage for Ford, Freightliner, International, and more. See the entire update in the Diesel Laptops Blog below.
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  3. An area where you can download brochures, certificates, TEXA screen savers, the calendar illustrated by Milo Manara, software and more besides.
  • Farmall Series (A Series, C-Series, U-Series, and U-Pro Series)
  • CS Pro Series
  • Magnum Series
  • Maxxum Series
  • Combine Harvester Axial Flow 5130/6130/7130
  • Sprayer 30 Series
  • Quantum V/N/F Series

Not commonly found in the USA, Steyr is located in Austria. They are also owned by CNH Industrial and shows the same updates as both New Holland and CASE iH. The Interim Tier 4 commands have been added, along with SCR Tier 4 Final commands. This includes the following models manufactured by Steyr:

  • Kompakt S Series
  • Multi
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John Deere is so popular, we even made its own diagnostic kit. With engine coverage already completed, TEXA has now added some more functionality in the John Deere agriculture side. This includes commands for the PTQ transmissions, so that customers can perform accuracy adjustments on the 6R, 6RC, 6M, 6MC, and 7R models. This includes commands such as forward and reverse clutch filling pressure and filling time. The EPC transmission accuracy adjustment commands have been added to the xx20 and xx30 Series models, along with several other transmission configuration changes.

If you have never heard of SAME, you aren’t alone. They are a tractor manufacturer based in Italy. The TEXA off highway software is a world wide platform, with coverage stretching to almost every continent. SAME uses their own engines call FARMotion, which is now covered in TEXA. They also added the transmission coverage for SAME, which is called Power Shuttle.

Deutz-Fahr is actually owed by a larger company called SDF, which also owns SAME. With Deutz Fahr we find very similar commands added as the SAME tractors. This includes engine bi-directional controls for the FARMotion engine type, along with bi-directional commands allowing calibration of the clutch pedal and main clutch contact pressure. This covers Deutz-Fahr models such as 5DF, 5DS, 5DV, and 5G.

If you didn’t know it before, you do now. Lamborghini makes farm tractors! However, in this case, the tractor company was sold to SAME in 1973, which is part of the SDF group. The updates here are exactly the same as SAME and Deutz-Fahr.

Continuing down the same path as the previous tractors, Hurlimann was acquired by SAME in 1976, which is now SDF. The commands for the Power Shuttle transmission have been added to the system.

Fendt, originally a German manufacturer, was purchased by AGCO in the late 1990s. The TEXA off highway version 17 software adds a ton of new feature, including:

  • 500/700/800/900/1000 Vario Series (Tier 4 Emissions)
    • Maintenance Resets, Tier 4 Final commands (DPF soot load reset, filter regen, injector coding, etc…), and hydraulic control valves (Bosch Rexroth)
  • 700/800/900 Vario Series (Tier 3 & Interim Tier 4 Emissions)
    • Complete vehicle diagnosis and hydraulic control valves (Bosch Rexroth)

One of the largest advancements that TEXA made in version 16 was the addition of Tier 4 emission DPF regens. With this release of version 17, TEXA has now the ability to reach codes on Volvo Transmissions, specifically the Volvo GPMECU (General Purpose Machine Electronic Control Unit).

Lots of new Tier 4 emission commands and features have been added into version 17. Specifically, for the Skid Steer SR & SV series the system has added:

  • Cummins Tier 4 Final dealer commands for engines with SCR only.
  • Cummins Tier 4 Final dealer commands for engines with SCR and DPF.
  • FPT Tier 4 Interim dealer commands for engines with DPF.
  • FPT Tier 4 Interim dealer commands for engines with SCR.

New Holland became part of the CNH Group in 1999, which is the same company that owns CASE. Often these manufacturers use the same electronics, which means we have very similar development as CASE. Specifically, the following have been added to New Holland Skid Steer 200 Series:

  • Cummins Tier 4 Final dealer commands for engines with SCR only.
  • Cummins Tier 4 Final dealer commands for engines with SCR and DPF.
  • FPT Tier 4 Interim dealer commands for engines with DPF.
  • FPT Tier 4 Interim dealer commands for engines with SCR.

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The Backhoe B-Series has been added to the system as well. This allows you to perform dealer level commands on Tier 4 Interim models for the engine, transmission, and instrument panel.

Prinoth is an Italian manufacturer of snow removal equipment, tracked vehicles, and vegetation management equipment. This manufacturer is a new addition to the TEXA off highway software. Like many equipment manufacturers, Prinoth doesn’t develop their own engine. Their equipment could have Perkin, CAT, or a variety of others. All of these are covered in TEXA, ensuring great coverage on this equipment.

We aren’t going to even pretend we can pronounce this one properly. What we can tell you is that this company is based in Germany and is a leading manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles with world wide distribution. For vehicles equipped with the Mercedes-Benz engine, it has now been updated to include SCR commands.

You will find Mercedes-Benz diesel engines in applications all over the world, and TEXA continues to increase functionality on them. In particular, vehicle engine control commands have been added to the ADM 1, ADM 2, and ADM 3.

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Beyond what is listed above, TEXA has also added over 75 new wiring diagrams to the system. They are also actively adding more dashboard displays for the live data reading, with over 50 of those included in the system now as well. TEXA continues to improve upon the already industry leading diagnostic tool for off highway diagnostics. You can learn more about this tool on our website, which also includes videos of the tool in use.