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DLP-RFS1280 2.4GHz LORA RF Transceiver Module with Modular Certification

December 2017 (Updated May 2018): DLP Design, Inc. is pleased to announce the DLP-RFS1280pre-certified module based on the SX1280 transceiver chip from Semtech Corporation. This new module implements the Semtech SX1280 transceiver, and is designed to work with an external, user-supplied microcontroller.
The feature set for this module includes:
FCC / IC / RED / MIC Modular Certifications in Place
On-Board Chip Antenna
U.FL Connector for External, User-Supplied Antenna
+11.5dBm Transmit Power
-131dBm Receive Sensitivity
<5.5mA Receive Current
Surface or Through-Hole Mount, 2x2.3cm Footprint
Also announced today, the DLP-RFS1280ACT demonstration platform has the following features:
Simple Pairing Method with Other Transceiver
Fully-Commented Demonstration C Source Code
Low-Power NUCLEO-L073RZT6 Microcontroller Development Board
Ranging (Distance-Measurement) Demonstration in Meters/Feet
Lighted LCD Display
Speaker/Microphone for Walkie-Talkie (Push-To-Talk) Demonstration
Whip Antenna
Internal/External Antenna Selection
Easy Mode Selection (LORA/FLRC/GFSK)
Long-Range Ping Test
CW and Modulated CW Settings
Internal/External Antenna Selection during Demonstrations
Running on the STMicroelectronics STM32L073RZ microcontroller, this demonstration platformrequires less than 55K of FLASH program memory to perform all of its functions.
Download the DLP-RFS1280 datasheet.

Just Announced: The DLP-RFS-LOCATOR demonstrates an implementation of the DLP-RFS1280 module whereby lost items can be found using both the Ranging (distance-measurement) feature of the SX1280 as well as a high-gain Yagi antenna for determining the direction to the lost item. For this demonstration, the DLP-RFS1280ACT serves as the 'lost item', and its location (both distance and direction) is determined by the DLP-RFS-LOCATOR wand.

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The DLP-RFS1280 is available from our distribution network.

The DLP-RFS1280ACT is available from our distribution network.

The DLP-RFS-LOCATOR is available from our distribution network.

Ti Dlp Chip

*Note: In order to properly demonstrate these transceiver products, it is required to have a minimum of two transceivers: Two (2) DLP-RFS-1280ACT, or both a DLP-RFS-LOCATOR and a DLP-RFS1280ACT.

DLP-PMV Hands-Free Voltmeter

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DLP Design, Inc. is pleased to announce the new PROTOMETER® voltmeter.
The PROTOMETER (Part Number: DLP-PMV) frees your hands and helps control clutter on your workbench as you test and modify the circuitry on your breadboard. No more having to hold voltmeter test leads to monitor DC or AC (RMS) voltages - simply plug a PROTOMETER into your breadboard and turn it on. Voltages up to 60V are displayed on the miniature LCD display. The PROTOMETER is powered by a single coin cell, and it is small enough to accommodate multiple meters monitoring multiple voltages on even a small breadboard.
Download the DLP-PMV owner's manual for more details.

The DLP-PMV is available from our distribution network.
Ti Dlp Driver Download

Ti Dlp Driver Download Windows 7