Tobii C8 user manual R090119 Mobile phone To use the built in Mobile phone (optional accessory) a valid SIM card from a network operator is needed. The SIM card should be installed beneath the SIM card cover on the back of the C‐Series device. The independent leader in eye tracking, Tobii has extensive experience in developing sensor technologies, including both hardware and software solutions. World leader in eye tracking Tobii is the leading supplier of eye tracking technology to integration customers, combining advanced hardware with sophisticated algorithms backed by the industry. Welcome to Tobii. Visit our website to learn more about how eye tracking works in assistive technology, research, work life and gaming.

We Tobiians, we gladly share our knowledge and learn from each other – no matter what competence we have.

We love to challenge ourselves and each other. It’s in our nature to share new findings and ideas and explore them together. All to keep developing and finding the best solutions possible. This learning culture spurs career opportunities, innovative ideas.

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We want to be ourselves while contributing to greater good, what do you want to be?

  • Legal Counsel, Tobii Group
  • Commercial Director EMEA, Tobii Pro
  • Business Developer/Partner Manager, Tobii Tech
  • Marketing Specialist, Tobii Dynavox, France
  • Experienced Research Scientist, Tobii Pro
  • HR Manager
  • Web Specialist, Tobii Dynavox
  • Software QA Engineer
  • Sales Consultant- Southern Illinois
  • Funding Consultant
  • DevOps Engineer, Tobii Tech
TypeLimited liability company
Nasdaq Stockholm: TOBII
IndustryHardware and software development
FoundedSweden (2001)
FoundersJohn Elvesjö, Mårten Skogö, Henrik Eskilsson
Key people
Kent Sander (Chairman)
John Elvesjö(vice President and CTO)
Henrik Eskilsson (CEO)
Mårten Skogö (CSO)
ProductsAAC devices
Eye tracking products for research and market analysis.
Eye tracking components for industrial integration.
Revenue621 million SEK (2014)[1]
(US$90 million)
ParentTobii AB
SubsidiariesTobii Technology Inc
Tobii Dynavox LLC
Tobii Technology GmbH
Tobii Technology Norge
Tobii Technology Ltd
Tobii Electronics Technology Suzhou Co,. Ltd

Tobii (formerly known as Tobii Technology AB) is a Swedish high-technology company that develops and sells products for eye control and eye tracking.


John Elvesjo, Mårten Skogö and Henrik Eskilsson founded the company in 2001. All three founders play an active role in the company: Henrik Eskilsson is the CEO, John Elvesjö is vice president and CTO, and Mårten Skogö is Chief Science Officer. The Tobii Group consists of three business units: Tobii Dynavox from an acquisition of US based DynaVox,[2] Tobii Pro, and Tobii Tech. Tobii is based in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in the US, Japan, China, Germany, Norway and Ukraine. Tobii became publicly traded on April 22, 2015,[3] trading on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

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In 2007, the company got $14 million in venture capital from Investor Growth Capital.[4] In May 2009, Investor, Amadeus Capital Partners and Northzone Ventures invested an additional $16 million,[5] and at the start of 2012, Intel Capital invested $21 million.[6]

In 2008, Tobii won the Swedish Grand Award of Design together with the design company Myra Industriell Design, for the technology and design in their eye controlled screens.[7] In 2010, Tobii won the SIME Grand Prize for having the most innovative technology concept. In 2011, Tobii Glasses won the red dot design award, an international product design competition and later the same year, Tobii won the Bully Award. In 2012, Tobii took home the award for best prototype at the consumer technology tradeshow 2012 CES and Laptop Magazine named Tobii the winner in its best new technology category.


Tobii's products are sold directly and through resellers and partners worldwide. People with communication disabilities use Tobii Dynavox's technical devices and language tools (AAC devices) to communicate. Due to their high cost, they are often the goal of charity drives.[8][9][10][11]

Tobii Pro has products that are widely used for research in the academic community, and to conduct usability studies and market surveys of commercial products. Tobii Tech is the business unit that partners with others to integrate eye tracking and eye control in different industry applications and fields such as advanced driver assistance,[12] consumer computing[13][14] and gaming.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, they demonstrated the Tobii Gaze, an infrared light based eye tracking device that makes it possible for users to use their eyes to point and interact with a standard computer.[15]

In 2014, Tobii partnered with Danish SteelSeries and launched their first eye tracking system for consumers: the Tobii EyeX and the SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker.[16] Several video games from major publishers were released in 2015-16 with support for Tobii's consumer devices, with varying levels of success.[17][18][19]

  • Ulrich and his Tobii communication device

  • Tobii's eye controlled arcade game; EyeAsteroids

  • Snap-on Tobii X1 Light Eye Tracker from 2012 for portable labs

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Tobii Technology Ab Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download


Tobii technology ab network & wireless cards driver download windows 7
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