Displays a list of the latest software available for download from the Trend Micro Download Center. Software packages will include new versions of the Manager, the Agents, the Virtual Appliance, and the Filter Driver.

Software Download Center: All Products. Downloads Home & Home Office, Desktop, Internet Gateway, Legacy, Email and Groupware, Network, Server and Storage and more. TRENDnet wireless network adapters are available in both USB or PCIe interfaces, including micro USB versions which are conveniently ultra-compact and easy on-the-go. Select wireless adapter models also support Bluetooth® connectivity. TRENDnet's WiFi adapters are available in. Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit window will now open. Click the (C) Uninstall tab. Uninstall Software. You may disregard the Windows notification saying to use the Control Panel to remove the program. Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit will remove all Trend Micro related files from your computer which the Control Panel might have missed. Get immediate help and support for Trend Micro Internet Security. Learn how to install, activate and troubleshoot issues. Find popular topics and articles that suits your needs.

Only the most recent Deep Security software is listed on this page. For older versions, go directly to Download Center web site at https://www.trendmicro.com/en_ca/business/products/downloads.html
  • Name: the file name of the software package
  • Release Notes: a link to the release notes for the software package
  • Platform: the platform for the software package
  • Imported: a checkmark is displayed if the software is already downloaded to your Deep Security database
  • Version: the software version number
  • Release Date: the date the software was made available by Trend Micro
  • Direct Import Capable: an icon () is displayed if the software package can be imported to the Deep Security Manager directly from the Download Center. Packages that cannot be imported directly must be downloaded to a local folder from the Trend Micro Download Center web site and manually imported on Administration > Updates > Software > Local.


Micro Driver Set

Use this Import function to manually import software from the Trend Micro Download Center.