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Unable to obtain a Vulcan license at the Touchscreen..

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  • Have you verified that windows firewall is off?
  • What operating system is installed on your Vulcan computer? If it is Windows 7, you may need to install an updated driver for the Sentinel Security key. To check the Sentinel driver version:
  • click on Start > Control Panel >Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs.
  • Scroll down until you see Sentinel Driver…..What version? If it is version 7.1.0 or 7.6.1, update the driver. Before doing so, unplug the key, remove old driver, reboot, install updated driver, reboot.
  • Plug key back in. The driver can be installed from the Vulcan DVD, or you can download the latest Sentinel Key Driver from the internet
  • Copy and paste the following link into your browser and download the latest driver – Sentinel Protection Installer 7.6.6 (
  • A static IP address is required on the computer where the security key is located. Are you able to ping from the computer where the key is located to the touchscreen and from the touchscreen back to the office computer? If the ping statistics do not show Packets Sent =4, Received =4, Lost =0, then you have a networking issue between the computer that houses the key and the Touchscreen.
  • Verify the security key settings in Vulcan on the computer where the key is located that the key does not display a local connection (Local(RNBO_SPN_LOCAL) but displays the full computer IP or computer name in this area. This security key setting is located in Setup->Options->Security. If your Vulcan workstation displays Local (RNBO_SPN_LOCAL);
  • Cclear the key server then Find Key server. It should display the computer IP address or full computer name. If it still displays LOCAL;
  • Determine the IP address of where you have the key connected and manually add the IP address
  • Remove the RNBO_SPN_LOCAL discovery.
  • From the touchscreen, go to the Security tab and clear key server
  • Click Add to manually enter the IP address of the computer where the key resides.

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In some systems it depends on the order each computer was started. If the office PC is Windows 7, sometimes it works best if the touchscreen is started first prior to the office computer.