Sony Ericsson K, W and Z series phones use DCU-60 data cable. The drivers for these phones are extracted from “Sony Ericsson PC Suite v2.10.34” for downloading. Within them is a 'DPInst.exe' file, which will install over 200 Windows driver packages for these phones onto your computer. A better approach is to install only the driver required by the phone manually.

Download drivers for your phone's USB data cable. To run SMSCaster E-Marketer with your mobile phone, a link has to be setup by either a USB data cable or a Bluetooth dongle. If you use a USB data cable as the link between the PC and mobile phone, you need to install the Windows driver for the USB data cable.

  • Usb Data Cable Driver free download - USB Audio ASIO Driver, Virtual Audio Cable, VIA USB 2.0 Host Controller Driver, and many more programs.
  • If you purchased the Baofeng UV Series USB Programming Cable from Buy Two Way Radios, the driver for Windows will be on the CD included with the cable in the USB Cable Driver folder. Insert the CD and go to USB Cable Driver USB Cable Driver Prolific This is the correct driver. Install the USB programming cable driver.
UsbUsb Data Cable Driver Download For Windows

Usb Data Cable Driver Download For Windows 10

Usb Data Cable Driver Download For Windows

Steps to install driver manually:

Update Usb Drivers Windows 10 Free Download

Update usb drivers windows 10 free download
  1. Plug in your phone to the computer and choose “Phone mode” at the phone.
  2. Choose “No, not this time” when prompted to connect to Windows Update.
  3. Choose “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”.
  4. Click “Include this location in the search” and browse for the driver location.

You need to repeat these steps several times for USB WMC Data Modem, USB WMC Modem, USB WMC OBEX Interface, USB WMC Device Management, USB Ethernet Emulation (WDM) and USB Ethernet Emulation (for Networking Device). Once it's done, the phone will get power from the cable and the battery will be charged.

Usb To Com Driver Windows 10

Supported phone models:
K310i, K320i, K510i, K550i, K550im, K600i, K608i, K610i, K610im, K750i, K800i, K810i, S500i, V600i, V630i, W200i, W300i, W550i, W610i, W660i, W700i, W710i, W800i, W810i, W850i, W880i, W900i, W950i, Z520i, Z530i, Z550i, Z610i, Z710i.

Download Latest Usb Drivers For Windows 10

Download: Sony Ericsson Device Driver extracted from PC Suite
Link for info: Sony Ericsson PC Suite