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Vaisala Cables are used for connecting Vaisala data loggers to a standard USB port and to a standard RS-232 serial port. Bluetooth Software. This driver is for USB Mass Storage devices for Windows 98. ASUS USB Charger Plus is a tool to quickly charge your Apple mobile device. It lets users charge their USB devices such as music players, tablets and smart phones while their computer is in Sleep Mode. This tiny driver utility quickly searches your system for connected hardware. It identifies many different connected devices and also includes hardware which has been marked as 'Unknown' in the device manager.

vNet PoE Interface for Data Loggers (Power over Ethernet)

Using this Vaisala vNet PoE interface, Vaisala data loggers can be connected to your existing IT network with a simple click.

The built-in PoE Technology (Power over Ethernet), which provides electrical power to devices along the Ethernet data line, allows a secure connection without additional cables or power supplies whilst at the same time facilitating a simple installation. Given that PoE power supply is usually backed up by emergency supply, this results in additional security, making the installation of a central monitoring system a breeze.

Transmitters (Transducers) for Demanding Industrial Applications

Select from a variety of transmitters for humidity & temperature, pressure, dew point and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Transmitters can be operated autonomously or can be connected to Vaisalas monitoring system 'viewLinc'.

Increase efficiency and productivity in critical areas such as life sciences, food, microelectronics and automotive. Whether in cleanrooms, laboratories, incubators, climate chambers, warehouses or other sensitive areas, our products - well respected throughout the industry and known for their precision and reliability - help you minimize downtime.

Protective Case for Vaisala Humidity Data Logger

Waterproof and breathable protection against moisture and dust, developed specifically for the DL2000 data logger series.

A wet humidity sensor is saturated and remains unreliable until it is completely dried. This protective case enables reliable recording of relative humidity in wet environments that have a tendency to splash water, or even if air contamination is present. Sealable via Velcro strap.

USB Cable for Vaisala Data Loggers

This 1.5 meter long USB cable allows Vaisala data loggers to be connected to a standard USB interface port. Delivery includes the required USB driver software.

Carrying Case

This durable carrying case is perfect for validation and mapping applications, providing room for up to 24 data loggers.
Equipped with anti-static foam; separate cable compartment.

Vaisala Usb Devices Driver Download

Temperature Attenuation Block

The thermal mass of the block is used to provide inertia against temperature fluctuations to suppress unwanted alarms, as often occurring when fridge or freezer doors are opened for loading and unloading.
A simple yet elegant and hygienic alternative to commonly used attenuation materials such as glycol or sand.

Comparison of temperature recordings in a refrigerator with and without an attenuation block.


This tiny driver utility quickly searches your system for connected hardware. It identifies many different connected devices and also includes hardware which has been marked as 'Unknown' in the device manager.

It gives you a little bit more information about a certain device so that you can find the proper drivers required to get it up and going in Windows.

Unfortunately when we tested an older scanner we thought was heading to the dustbin, it was configured that our old scanner would probably never work any newer version of Windows.

In short, this is a small tool which may help you figure out whether there are drivers available for your potentially outdated device.


Good luck!

Features and highlights

Vaisala usb devices driver updater
  • Identifies USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 devices
  • Identifies IEEE 1394 devices
  • Identifies ISA Plug&Play devices
  • Identifies AGP Bus devices
  • Identifies PCI, PCI-E, eSATA devices
  • Find drivers for hardware devices
  • Contact hardware vendor directly from app

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