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Valkee has been tested clinically for both treatment efficacy and user safety according to the requirements of the EU Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) and is consequently an approved European medical device in Class 2a for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD, Winter blues) and its many symptoms, and is CE-marked for that. Installation of My Valkee software on your computer allows you to change the light therapy settings of your Valkee bright light headset, such as dose and power. After installation, the settings can be changed in My Valkee web site. APPLE MAC REQUIREMENTS OPERATING SYSTEM AND COMPUTER . Page 4: Installation On Apple Mac Computer.

[IMPORTANT: As with any transcription, please make sure to verify all information yourself from the original source.
E's and C's looked alike on my copy. All info typed 'AS IS' - some typos were theirs, and I'm sure someare ours.

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PAGE 194

Bohl, Wm., tailor, house 571 N. Paulina
Bohland, John, foreman, 18 State, house 575 N. Franklin
Bohlander, Frank P., boards 1624 Wabash av.
Bohle, Charles F., machinist, house 42 Mather
Bohle, Henry, carrier, (P. O.), house 183 Wesson
Bohlens, C. E., collr., 3, 36 Clark, h. 215 S. Paulina
Bohlens, Edward, house 215 S. Paulina
Bohlig, Michael, lab., house 25 String
Bohm, Ferdinand, engineer, house 707 W. 20th
Bohm, Peter, salesman, house rear 204 Mohawk
Bohman, Gustaf A., (Enander & Bohman), 2, 6 Clark, house Lake View
Bohman, Joseph, musical inst., 213 Lincoln av.
Bohman, Wenzel, meatmkt., house 213 Lincoln av.
Bohman, William, house 213 Lincoln av.
Bohn, Charles, tailor, house 460 S. Clinton
Bohn, John, tailor, house 566 S. Canal
Bohn, John E., florist, 165 Wabash av., house 379 N. State
Bohn, John W., saloon, 157 Wesson
Bohn, Henry J., (H.J. Bohn & Co.), 40, 69 Dearborn, house 219 Ohio
Bohn, H. J. & Co., (Henry J. Bohn and George A. Hanaford), pubs, Hotel World 40, 69 Dearborn
Bohnckamp, Henry, lab., house 124 Ruble
Bohne, Charles F., clerk, house 730 W. Madison
Bohne, Henry, cooper, house 155 Augusta
Bohne, Henry, tailor, house 155 Augusta
Bohne, Henry F., coal, 768 Milwaukee av., house 13 Tell pl.
Bohne, H. C. Mrs., woolens, 730 W. Madison
Bohne, Oscar G. R., painter, boards 730 W. Madison
Bohnen, George, saloon, 163 Cottage Grove av.
Bohner, George, (George Bohner & Co.), 57 Wabash av., House 164 Vernon av.
Bohner, George & Co., (George Bohner), crockery, 57 Wabash av.
Bohner, Joseph E., salesman, 57 Wabash av., house 164 Vernon av.
Bohner, Serge T., salesman, 57 Wabash av., house 222 Chestnut
Bohnet, Frederick, bartndr., house 140 N. Union
Bohnhoff, John, tailor, house 737 N. Halsted
Bohnsack, Christian, lab., house 488 Larrabee
Bohnsack, Lewis, lab, house 780 W. 21st.
Bohnsack, William F., paperbox ctr., house 488 Larrabee
Bohontin, Martin, lab., house 435 W. 12th
Bohr, Julius, harnessmkr., boards 112 W. Lake
Bohrni, L., dry goods, 202 and 204 W. Madison
Bohrn, Charles, painter, house 305 W. Erie
Bohrn, Mary, wid. Matthias, house 305 W. Erie
Bohrn, William, watchman, house 305 W. Erie
Boice, Hugh M., agt., W. 18th cor. Lumber, house 1009 Wabash
Boice, William, gasfitter, house 130 N. Market
Boies, Fay & Conkey, (Henry M. Boies, Benjamin B. Fay, and Lucius W. Conkey), whol. grocers,
-----76 and 78 Wabash av.
Boies, Henry M., (Boies, Fay & Conkey), 76 Wabash av., house 1102 Michigan av.
Boies, H. F., clerk, 78 Wabash av., h. 1102 Michigan av.
Boies, William A., clerk, 76 Wabash av., house 605 W. Vanburen
Boigwardt, Lena, tailoress, (
Clement & Sayer), clothing mnfrs., 416 to 424 Milwaukee av., house
-----575 Paulina
Boilean, A. F., salesman, 66 Exch. bldg. (Union stk. yds.), house Englewood
Boise, Esther Miss, instructor, (University of Chicago), house Morgan Park
Boise, James R., prof., (University of Chicago), House Morgan Park
Boise, John, carp., house 79 Seward
Boisoh, E. K., exch. dept., (First nat. bk.), boards 386 Calumet av.
Boittcher, henry C., molder, house 173 Clybourn av.
Boitz, John, carp., house 16 N. Clybourn pl.
Boitz, Julius, painter, house 43 A
Boize, Charles, woodcarver, house 76 Walnut
Bojens, Amatha Mrs., house 25, W. 15th
Bokyatchick, Paul, carp., house 351 N. Carpenter
Boladny, John, dockman, house 43 Burlington
Boladny, Frank, dockman, house 10 McMullen ct.
Bolan, Frank, lab, house rear 92 Indiana
Bolan, James, springmkr., house 3 Archer av.
Bolan, John, lab., house 92 William
Bolan, John, lab., house 1858 Butterfield
Bolan, Patrick, lab. house rear 49 Elston av.
Bolan, William, driver, house 60 Damen
Bolan, William C., boilermkr., house 112 W. Taylor
Boland, Charles, painter, house 1422, 5th av.
Boland, Daniel, cap., house 19 O'Brien
Boland, Edward, salesman, 102 Wabash av., house 89 Dearborn
Boland, Frank, molder, house 337 S. Desplaines
Boland, James, druggist, 53 Clark, house 99½ Pine
Boland, James, lab., house 715 Hinman
Boland, James F., bkpr., 38 Market, h. 174 S. Jefferson
Boland, John, house 138 Eugenie
Boland, John, blksmth., board 96 Miller
Boland, John, brkmkr., house 655 W. 21st
Boland, John, lab, boards 551, 43d
Boland, John E., house 138 Eugenie
Boland, John K., house 174 S. Jefferson
Boland, Michel, lab., h. ss. W. 33d nr. S. Ashland av.
Boland, Patrick, driver, house 96 Miller
Boland, Rose, wid. John K., house 174 S. Jefferson
Boland, Thomas, clk., 251 Madison, h. 138 Eugenie
Boland, Thomas, clerk, house 303 Lincoln av.
Boland, Thomas, lab., house 111 Sebor
Boland, Thomas, miller, house 96½ N. Morgan
Boland, William, blksmth., house 119 Ellis av.
Boland, W. A., trav. agt., 50 Wabash av.
Boland & Son, 167 Clark
Bolander, Henry, hostler, bds. 19 S. Peoria
Bolaski, John, lab., house rear 26 Burlington
Bolbt, George, engineer, house 28 W. Huron
Bold, Alexander, police, house 195 Larrabee
Bold, Richard, barber, 6 S. Desplaines, boards 195 Larrabee
Bolda, Bernhard, tailor, house 566 N. Ashland av.
Boldean, Gustav, clerk, Blue Island av. sw. cor S. Robey, house 812 W. 21st
Bolden, August, lab., house 353 Clark
Bolden, Frank W., barber, house 313 Clark
Bolden, Ira, house 878 Hubbard
Bolender, Thomas J., real est., 24, 116 Washington, house 354 Carroll av.
Boldenweck, Frederick, dry goods, 220 S. Halsted, house 61 Pierce av.
Boldenweck, William, (Boldenweck & Henne), 192 Harrison, house Lake View
Boldenweck & Henne, (William Boldenweck and Philip Henne), contractors, 192 Harrison
Bolder, Amon, carp., house 349, 22nd
Bolder, John, bedmkr., house 358, 22nd
Boldowsky, Louis, typemkr., house 234 W. 14th
Boldt, Albert, blksmth., 143 Archer av.
Boldt, Charles, lab., house 741 Elston av.
Boldt, Charles, machinist, house 741 Elston av.
Boldt, Edward L., tailor, house 41 Clybourn av.
Boldt, Frederick, foreman, 137 Randolph, house 9 Carl
Boldt, Herman, lab., house 40 Armitage av.
Boldt, John, boots and shoes, 454 W. Chicago av.
Boldt, Louis, lab., house 736 Clybourn av.
Boldt, Martin, lab., house 67 George
Boldt, William, lab., house 741 Elston av.
Boldue, Henry, house 128 Rebecca
Boleen, X., driver, house 37 Bremer
Bolen, Edward, lab., boards W. 16th nr. Strong
Bolen, Michel, lab., house W. 33d nr. S. Ashland av.
Bolen, Patrick, lab., house 1044, 32nd
Bolen, Thomas, driver, boards 35 Grenshaw
Boler, Charles E., varnisher, house 113 N. Leavitt
Boler, John, house 281 W. 15th
Boles, Emma Miss, cigars, 301 W. Madison
Boles, Frank G., clerk, 215 Lake, h. 1312 W. Jackson
Boles, Henry, confectr., house 230 State
Boleyn, Charles, porter, house 96 Townsend
Bolger, Anthony, paperhr., boards 779 Fulton
Bolger, Bridget Miss., forewoman, 202 Franklin, house 342 Harrison
Bolger, Jeremiah, foreman, Meagher cor. S. Jefferson, house 365 Johnson
Bolger, Margaret, wid. Luke, house 342 W. Harrison
Bolger, Mathew, grocer, 345 S. May
Bolger, Michael, lab., house 82 N. Halsted
Bolger, Michael E., hackman, house 156 Superior
Bolger, Stephen C., clerk, (Trader's hotel)
Bolger, Thomas F., boards 360 Wabansia av.
Bolhe, Henry, carrier, (P.O.), house 187 Wesson
Bolin, August, lab., house 156 Larrabee
Bolin, John, elev. condr., house 181 W. Chicago av.
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PAGE 362

Dunning,Charles W., hardware, 211 S. Hoyne av., house 867 W. Adams
Dunning, Claud C., clerk, 259 Randolph, boards 420 Fulton
Dunning, Cyrus A., house 674 W. Washington
Dunning, C. L., clerk, 55 Lake, house 602 Carroll av.
Dunning, George A., cutter, house 737 W. Madison
Dunning, George A. Mrs., dressmkr., 737 W. Madison
Dunning, Henry W., bkpr., 94 lake, h. 67 Avon pl.
Dunning, James, trav. agt., boards 17 S. Green
Dunning, James C., rubber stamps, 5, 99 Madison
Dunning, James S., sawmkr., boards 146 Vanburen
Dunning, James S., trav. agt., bds. American House
Dunning, Jessie Miss, house 6, 511 W. Madison
Dunning, Jon, lab., house 808 Clark
Dunning, R. C., (R. C. Dunning & Co.), 140 South Water, house Jefferson, Ill.
Dunning, R.C. & Co., (R. C. Dunning and H. Hance), com. mers., 140 South Water
Dunning, Seth M., lawyer, 54, 161 Lasalle, house Englewood
Dunning, Silas H., clerk, (O. & A.R.R.), house 211 W. Congress
Dunning, William C., salesman, 222 Madison, house 867 W. Adams
Dunning, William D., clerk, house 239 S. Robey
Dunnivan, W. J., clerk, 214 South Water, house 591 Milwaukee av.
Dunnivant, John F., printer, house 243 N. Market
Dunor, James, carp., house 197 W. Taylor
Dunphey, George E., clerk, 169 Madison, house 913 Carroll av.
Dunphy, Andrew, carp., house 290 Main
Dunphy, James, carp., house 229 Main
Dunphy, James, lab., house 19 Charles pl.
Dunphy, John, lab., house 93 W. 14th
Dunphy, John J., clerk, house 831 W. Jackson
Dunphy, John M., contractor, h. 831 W. Jackson
Dunphy, Mary Mrs., (Dunphy & Co.), 346 N. Wells
Dunphy, Stephen, janitor, house 476 Wabash av.
Dunphy, Thomas, packer, house 56 Ashley
Dunphy, William, porter, house 268 Hurlbut
Dunphy & Co., (Mrs. Mary Dunphy and Edward Sloan), grocers, 346 N. Wells
Dunser, John, teamster, house 634 Sedgwick
Dunstan, Basil, dry goods, house 364 S. Robey
Dunstan, Edward, clerk, 16, 152 Dearborn, house 859 W. Jackson
Dunstan, James H., tinner, boards 76 W. Adams
Dunstan, Robert W., loans, 16, 152 Dearborn, house 859 W. Jackson
Dunsing, Alexander, gilder, boards 117 S. Jefferson
Dunsing, henry, lab., house 973 W. 21st.
Dunton, Frank H., editor, (Dunton's Spirit of the Turf), 29, 164 Washington, house 1029 Michigan av.
Dunton, Frederick W., law student, 22, 122 Lasalle, house Arlington Heights
Dunton, George B., clerk, 123 Kinzie, h. 545 Fulton
Dunton, George M., clerk, (W. U. Tel. co.), house 545 Fulton
Dunton, Nellie Miss, teacher, boards 417 Warren av.
Dunton, Stanley, coachman, 325 Dearborn av.
Dunton, Thomas F., broom corn, 123 Kinzie, house 417 Warren av.
Dunton's Spirit of the Turf, (Frank H. Dunton), editor, 29, 164 Washington
Dunwell, William C., (Dunwell & Ford), 50 Madison, house 109 Centre av.
Dunwell & Ford, (William C. Dunwell and George W. Ford), stationers, 50 Madison
Dunworth, Jeremiah, lab., house 717 Emerald av.
Dunworth, Michael, lab., boards 227 Dashiel
Dunworth, Peter, lab., house Dashiel
Duny, Horace, clerk, 222 Madison, house 405 W. Madison
Dupree, Charles A., (Hitchcock, Dupee & Judah), 44 Portland blk., house 276 Erie
Dupee, Charles B., prov., Clark sw. cor. 16th, house Woodlawn av. nw. cor. 46th
Dupee, C. Fred, clerk, Clark sw. cor. 16th, boards 804 Wabash av.
Dupee, Horace M., (H. M. Dupee & Co.), 233 Kinzie, house Kenwood
Dupee, H. M. & Co., (Horace M. Dupee), hams, 223 Kinzie
Dupee, John, lumber, 14, 165 Washington, house 68 Oakwood boul.
Dupee, John jr., com. mer., 14, 165 Washington, h. 234 Park av.
DuPerry, Louis A., decorator, house 188 Larrabee
DuPerry, M. J. Mrs., dressmkr., house 357 Larrabee
Dupil, Frank, painter, house 87 Pratt
Dupke, William, tailor, house 205, 13th pl.
Dupian, Francis P., foreman, 220 Kinzie, house 30 Cornell
Dupien, Ignatz, cabinetmkr., boards 453 S. Canal
Duplessis, Charles O., (C. O. Duplessis & Co.), 169 Jackson, house 222 N. Clark
Duplessis, C. O. & Co., (Charles O. and Odilon Duplessis), portable gymnasiums, 169 Jackson
Duplessis, Edward O., mattressmkr., n. 169 Jackson
Duplessis, Hermann, janitor, 50 Dearborn
Duplessis, Odilon, (C. O. Duplessis & Co.), 169 Jackson
Dupont-Hansen, Frederick, hardware, 309 W. Indiana
DUPONT'S GUNPOWDER, (J. J. Whitehouse), agt., 7 State
Dupre, Charles C., clerk, 9 Rush, house 51 White
Dupre, Marcus W., clerk, house 641 Fulton
DuPree, Sadie Miss, boxmkr., house 953 Wabash av.
Duprey, Paul, painter, house 224 W. Taylor
Dupska, John, lab., house 460 State
Dupuis, Achille, (Lassagne & Dupuis), 122 Washington, house 36 Sigel
Dupuis, Etienne, painter, house 220 Centre av.
Dupuis, Frederick, yard master, (P.C.&St.L.R.R.), house 367 W. Indiana
Dupuis, Isaac W., fireman, boards 697 Hubbard
Dupuis, Thomas, tel. repairer, house 22 Gold
Dupur, Frank, servant, house 113 Cass
Dupuy, Henrietta Miss., teacher, house 277 Bissell
Dupuy, Henry, clerk, house 277 Bissell
Dupuy, Leon, saloon, 137 Adams
Du Puy, T. H. Mrs., house 381 Superior
Duquesne, Alfred, bkpr., 181 Wabash av., boards 37 Pearce
Duquesne, Eugene, clerk, 325 W. Madison, house 281 W. Lake
Duquesne, Sara Mrs., liquors, house 37 Pearce
Duquette, Louis, salesman, 122 Wabash av., house 832 W. Madison
Durack, Frank, lab., house 251 Rucker
Durack, Mary, wid. John, house 479 W. Erie
Duran, Edmund, lab., house 24 Cherry
Durand, Alfred, boards 560 Emerald av.
Durand Bros. & Co., (Charles E. and Joseph B. Durand and Melville R. Doty), grocers, 239 South Water
Durand, Calvin, 44 Wabash av., house Lake Forest
Durand, Charles E., (Durand Bros. & Co.), 239 South Water, house 77 Calumet av.
Durand, Cyrall, lab., house 560 Emerald av.
Durand, C. Y. Z., 30, 103 State
Durand, Elliot, reporter, (Tribune), house 31 Ashland av.
Durand, George, pressman, house 678 Indiana av.
Durand, George F., bkpr., 148 Lake, house 609 Wabash av.
Durand, Henry C., 44 Wabash av., house Lake Forest
Durand, H. S., gen. adjuster, 155 Lasalle, house Racine
Durand, John, molder, boards 246, 47th
Durand, John M., (Durand, Robinson & Kennett), 44 Wabash av., boards Grand Pacific hotel
Durand, John M. jr., salesman, 44 Wabash av., boards Grand Pacific hotel
Durand, Joseph, packer, house 178, 13th pl.
Durand, Joseph B., (Durand Bros. & Co.), 239 South Water, house Lake Forest
Durand, Robinson & Kennett, (John M. Durand, George I. Robinson and Francis J. Kennett), whol. grocers,
-----42 and 44 Wabash av.
Durande, Addie Miss, clerk, 198 State, h. 90 Henry
Durant, Charles B., (W. H. Durant & Bro.), 640 W. Madison, house 204 S. Paulina
Durant, Charles F., house 671 Wabash av.
Durant, Frank, grocer, house 199 W. Randolph
Durant, Horatio W., (Durant, Jaques & Atwood), 20 Randolph, house 421 W. Monroe
Durant, James T., 178 Madison, h. St. Charles, Ill.
DURANT, JAQUES & ATWOOD, (Horatio W. Durant, F. F. Jaques and Myron W. Atwood),
-----flavoring extracts, 20 and 22 Randolph
Durant, William F., house 671 Wabash av.
Durant, William H., (W. H. Durant & Bros.), 640 W. Madison, house 55 S. Paulina
Durant, W. H. & Bro., (William H. and Charles B. Durant), grocers, 640 W. Madison
Durbin, Eva C. Miss, teacher, bds. 1650 Wabash av.
Durbish, Thomas, lab., house 47 Burlington
Durborow, Allen C., clerk, boards 628 W. Adams
Durbro, Bridget Mrs., house 27 Chapin
Durbrow, Washington jr., (Morris & Durbrow), 66 N. Canal, boards Gault House
Durcksmied, Ferdinand, butcher, 572 S. Jefferson
Durehl, William, clerk, house 676 S. Halsted
Durell, George, bkpr., house es. Genessee av. nr. W. 25th
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Enright, Patrick, lab., house 889 Butterfield
Enright, Roger, lab., house 656 Gordon
Enright, Thomas, grocer, 1515 Butterfield, boards 306, 31st
Enright, Thomas, teamster, house 417 Hubbard
Enright, Thomas F., grocer, 250 N. Franklin, house 88 White
Enright, Thomas F, plumber, h. 126 S. Desplaines
Enright, Thomas J., driver, house 340 W. 15th
Enright, Timothy, saloon, 173 W. 16th
Enright, Timothy, teamster, house 395 Desplaines
Ensign, Derius P. carp., house rear 69 W. Monroe
Ensign, Frederick G., supt., (Am. S.S. union), 73 Randolph, house 8 Irving av.
Ensign, H. L., adv. agt., 109 Dearborn, house 95 Dearborn av.
Ensign, Willard F., agt., (Union horse nail co.), es. S. Ashland av. nr. W. 22d, boards 427 W. Monroe
Ensley, Thomas, tel. opr., boards 316 W. Washington
Ensworth, George, plumber, house 367 W. Kinzie
Ensworth, John, machinist, house 138 N. Elizabeth
Ensworth, Millard, police, house 352 W. Indiana
Entermann, Henry, fish, house 73 Burling
Enterprise Boiler and Iron Works, (Hardy & Behles, prop.), 17 to 21 Michigan
Enters, Louis, lab., house 256 Vine
Enthof, Henry, grocer, 748 Hinman
Entrup, Mark, teamster, boards 1081 Indiana av.
Entzminger, George G., (George G. Entzminger & Co.), 372 W. Lake
Entzminger, George G. & Co. (George G. Entzminger), grocer, 372 W. Lake
Entzminger, John M., (Entzminger & Joy), 656 W. Lake
Entzminger & Joy, (John M. Entzminger and Cyrus C. Joy), boots, 656 W. Lake
Enwright, John, lab., house rear 514 Elston av.
Enwright, John S., teamster, house 53 Wright
Enwright, Patrick, teamster, house 232 Michigan
Enwright, Richard, lab., house 723 Egan av.
Enwright, ------, house 73 Sholto
Enyart, John P., (Miller & Enyart), 6½ N. Clark, house 164 Walnut
Enzenbacher, Andrew, lawyer, 1, 143 W. Madison, house 77 Judd
Enzenbacher, Andrew jr., law student, h. 77 Judd
Enzenbacher, Joseph, house 388 W. 12th
Enzenbacher, Michael G., compositor, house 77 Judd
Enzweiler, Peter, stitcher, boards 46 Grove
Enzweiler, William, house 46 N. Grove ct.
Eoff, J. Henry, real est., 14 Reaper blk., house 518 Calumet av.
Eokenstein, Maria E., wid. John, house 477 N. Wells
Ephraim, Hyman, tailor, house 653 State
Ephraim,Herman, clothing, 689 Milwaukee av.
Ephraim, Morris H., barber, 1200 State, house 1285 Butterfield
Ephraim, Mendy H., barber, 169 Vanburen
Episelli, Lodovico, peddler, house rear 73 Johnson
Epia, Rebecca, wid. John, nurse, house 433 State
Epley, Barbara Mrs., boarding 481 Wabash av.
Epnus, Fread, lab., house 49 Gardner
Epp, Daniel J., lanternmkr., house 9 Tell ct.
Epp, Louis, hostler, house 9 Tell ct.
Eppenstein, Ernest, clerk, 245 Clark
Epperson, Mary C., wid. Anthony, house 327 Hurlbut
Epperson, Robert B., conductor, house 327 Hurlbut
Epperson, Samuel W., conductor, house 327 Hurlbut
Eppich, Christoph A., house 581 N. Wells
Eppinghamier, George, hostler, house 16 Adams
Epple, Joseph, brewer, house 174 Cottage Grove av.
Epple, Jules V., trusses, 53 N. Clark
Epps, Charles L., (Charles L. Epps & Co.), 131 Lasalle and 192 N. Jefferson, house 348 Chicago av.
Epps, Charles L. & Co., (Charles L. Epps and J. F. Greer), maltsters, 131 Lasalle and 192 N. Jefferson
Epps, F. P., salesman, 102 Wabash av., house 221 N. Lasalle
Epps, Harry G., clerk, 131 Lasalle, h. 248 Chicago av.
EPPS, JOHN L., salesman, (GOLDEN EAGLE CLOTHING STORE), 136 and 138 Madison and 144
-----and 146 Clark, house 221 N. Lasalle
Epsan, Charles, polisher, house 345 Noble
Epson, O., shoemkr., boards 49 W. Ohio
Epstein, C. L., house 103, 29th
Epstein, Isaac, clerk, 491 S. Canal, house 82 Liberty
Epstein, Isaac, lab, house 82 Liberty
Epstein, Louis, peddler, house 205, 4th av.
Epstein, Nathan, (Epstein & Marks), 149 Kinzie, house 241 Huron
Epstein, Peter, teamster, house 13, 13th
Epstein, S. Honors, 89 Fisk cor. W. 19th
Equi, Joseph, saloon, 819 State, house 762 State
EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE Society of N. Y., W. N. Craine, gen. manager; T. T. Watson cash.,
-----108 Dearborn
Eracson, Jacob, lab., house rear 137 Wesson
Eral, Martin, lab., house 233 Johnson
Erb, David S., (D.S. Erb & Co.), 43 Lake, house Boyertown, Pa.
Erb, D.S. & Co., (David S. Erb and Charles J. Clark), cigars, 43 Lake
Erb, Jacob, barber, boards 223 Vanburen
Erb, John M., painter, boards 336 W. Lake
Erb, Louis, clerk, 91 State, house 510 N. Clark
Erb, Martin, sign painter, 192 Washington, house 259 Hastings
Erb, Samuel D., milk, 266 W. 14th
Erbach, Henriette, wid. William, grocer, 75 N. Lasalle
Erbe, Alexander, cigarmkr., house 55 Granger
Erbe, Arthur, draughtsman, (water dept. city hall), house 55 Granger
Erbe, Arthur jr., bkpr., 47 State, house 55 Granger
Erbe, Frederick W., carp., house 326 W. Chicago av.
Erbe, Henry, water assessor, house 712 N. Halsted
Erbe, Phillip C., cooper, house 113 Walton pl.
Erben, Caspar, wagonmkr., house 121 Cornell
Erben, Henry, cigarmkr., house 27 Erie
Erbstein, Louis, upholstr., 533 State
Erby, Charles E., (Erby & Pleser), 336 State, house 474 N. Lasalle
Erby, Conrad W., engraver, 72 Major blk., house 303 S. Hoyne av.
Erby, Eliza, wid. John, house 474 N. Lasalle
Erby, Frederick W., furs, house 474 N. Lasalle
Erby, John H. clerk, 85 Dearborn, h. 474 N. Lasalle
Erby, William, (Koch & Erby), 166 N. Wells, house 170 N. Wells
Erby & Pieser, (Charles E. Erby and Gabriel H. Pieser), saloon, 336 State
Erche, Albert, Lab., house 724 S. Canal
Erdahl, J. A., cabinetmkr., house 298 W. Chicago av.
Erdle, Joseph, gardener, house 10 North Grove ct.
Erdman, Charles, lab., house 689 S. Morgan
Erdman, Ernest, broommkr., house 44 Frank
Erdman, Ferdinand, turner, h. Loomis cor. Kansas
Erdman, John, lab., house 791 Hinman
Erdmann, Carl, cabinetmkr., house 64 Wieland
Erdmann, Otto, lab., house 44 Kansas
Erecson, Edward H., bkpr., 57 Washington, house 201 N. May
Ereson, W. K., physician, 1, 155 W. Madison
Erfurth, Rachel Mrs., house 106 W. 18th pl.
Ergang, Adolph, blksmith, 155 North av., house 593 N. Halsted
Ergang, William, blksmth., 110 Indiana, house 110 N. Franklin
Ergang, William, wagonmkr., house 593 N. Halsted
Ergert, Charles, lab., house 159 Fry
Erhard, Frederica Mrs., house 325 Blue Island av.
Erhardt, Charles, painter, house 82 Rees
Erhardt, George A., bkpr., (Union stk. yds.), house 433 State
Erhardt, Kaspar, lab., house 442 S. Clinton
Erhardt, Olger, cigarmkr., house 239 W. Huron
Erheart, Charles, lab., boards 392 S. Halsted
Erhrdt, William, milk, 1459 S. Lasalle
Erich, Victor, druggist, 157½ Cottage Grove av.
Erichsen, Andrew, house 38 Tell pl.
Erichsson, Martha, wid. Govert, h. 433 W. Kinzie
Erick, Noren, finisher, house 29 Clybourn av.
Ericksen, Christine Miss, dressmkr., boards 186 W. Washington
Ericksen, Erick, machinist, house rear 57 Fry
Ericksen, Frederick, porter, bds., 279 Milwaukee av.
Ericksen, Henry, lab., house 300 W 13th
Erickson, Adolph, cooper, house 59 Vedder
Erickson, Andrew, carp., boards 195 Townsend
Erickson, Andrew, driver, boards 698 State
Erickson, Andrew, lab., house 71 Wesson
Erickson, Andrew, machinist, boards 245 Laughton
Erickson, Andrew, patternmkr., house 100 Holbrook
Erickson, And------
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Lloyd, William, lab., house W. 33d nr. S. Ashland av.
Lloyd, William, paperruler, house 152 W. Congress
Lloyd, William A., (Louis Lloyd & Co.), 1, 93 Washington, house Ravenswood
Lloyd, William G., ruler, house 152 W. Congress
Lloyd, William J., tel. opr., boards 48 Harrison
Lloyde, H., lab., house 526 Fulton
Loane, Daniel, actor, house 1269 Butterfield
Loa?wall, James, teamster, house 84 Forquer
Loanmin, Frederick, cooper, h. 1333 Portland av.
Lob, Otto, musician, house 370 W. Jackson
Lobak, Casper, lab., house 11 Ruble
Loban, Charles J., showcasemkr., house 224 N. Clark
Loban, Jennie Miss, milliner, 224 N. Clark
Loban, Mary, wid. John, house 224 N. Clark
Lobb, Robert, mason, house 516, 27th
Lobbeke, William, police, house 245 Orchard
Lobd, Barbara Mrs., house 161 W. Adams
Lobdell, E. L., asst. teller, (First nat. bank), boards 644 W. Monroe
Lobe, Herman, musician, house 485 N. Franklin
Lobenhofer, John, cooper, house Hanover nr. 31st
Lober, Charles, lab., house 126 Larrabee
Lober, Henry, waiter, house 173, 4th av.
Loberjenster, Joseph, lab., house 42 Fisk
Loberg, William, student, 278 W. Madison, house Irving Park
Lobier, John, lab., boards 4225 S. Halsted
Lobriaco, Rocco, peddler, house 110 Dekoven
Lobski, Joseph, shoemkr., house 67 Emma
Lobstein, John, carp., house 406 S. Morgan
Lobstein, J. George, carp., 103 Hastings
Lobstine, ------, carp., house 683 Alport
Loch, Peter, engineer, house 123 Orchard
Lochau, Lina Mrs., milliner, 421 N. Clark
Lochbihler, E., lab, house 93 W. 13th
Lochbihler, Fred, notions, 114 Franklin, house 324 W. Congress
Lochbihler, Louis, notions, 114 Franklin, house 457 W. Jackson
Lochbihler, Mary Mrs., house 324 W. Congress
Lochbihler, Ulrich, County constable, h. 93 W. 13th
Locheci, Joseph, baker, house 79½ Dussold
Lochel, George, foreman, 7 W. North av., house 198 Cherry av.
Locher, Jacob, foreman, Beach nr. 12th, house 121 W. 21st
Locher, John B., junk, 237 Randolph, h. 227 Randolph
Lochermacher, August, lab., house 104 McGregor
Lochmann, Philip, waiter, house 150 N. Wells
Lochmiller, August, sausagemkr., house 220, 18th
Lochner, Frank H., butcher, 312 W. Madison
Lochner, John, finisher, house ss. Clybourn av. opp. Hurlbut
Lochner, John, repairer mus.inst., h. 47 Clybourn av.
Lochner, John L., saloon, house 636 Milwaukee av.
Lochner, Louis Rev., pastor, (Trinity U. A. C. ch. Evang. Luth.), house 162 Kossuth
Lochner, Louise Miss, dressmkr., boards 312 W. Madison
Lochatin, Mesta, saloon, 192 W. 20th
Locht, Henry, sashmkr., house rear 206 W. Huron
Lock, Bertus, clerk, 13 Honroe bldg., house 289 Campbell av.
Lock, Henry, carp., house ws. N. Paulina, nr. cor. W. Clybourn pl.
Lock, Samuel A., clerk, (M.C.R.R.), h. 4227 Langley av.
Lock, William, house 475 Michigan av.
Lock, W. W., cash., 104 Madison, house 159 S. Wood
Lockbaum, Solomon, 17, 103 State, h. 551 Wabash av.
Locke, Amos G., grocer, 207 Randolph, house 741 Carroll av.
Locke, Aubin G., clerk, (C.R.I.&P.R.R.), boards 325 W. Vanburen
Locke, Charles A., messenger, house 482 Lake
Locke, Charles S., (Locke & Co.), 29 N. Jefferson, house 787 W. Lake
Locke, Christian O., shoemkr., house 157½ Cottage Grove av.
Locke, Clinton Rev., rector, (Grace Epis. ch.), house 1972 Prairie av.
Locke, Fannie m. Miss., dressmkr., 54 Smith
Locke, Frank E., bkpr., 55 S. Peoria, h. 482 W. Lake
Locke, Frank W., conductr., (U.S.ex.co.), h 54 S. Morgan
Locke, George, peddler, house 215 Larrabee
Locke, George J., driver, house 172 Clybourn av.
Locke, Hannah B. Miss, teacher, boards 787 W. Lake
Locke, Sarah A., wid. Edwin B., notions, 482 W. Lake
Locke, Stacy H., (Locke & Co.), 129 N. Jefferson, house 787 W. Lake
Locke & Co., (Charles S. and Stacy H. Locke), bolts, 29 N. Jefferson
Lockett, Oswald, (Orr & Lockett), 184 Clark, house 234 Ogden av.
Lockey, Hannah, wid. James, house 764 State
Lockey, James, molder, boards 764 State
Lockhart, Edward M., clerk, boards Pacific house
Lockhart, John, house 313 Hubbard
Lockhart, William, pipeftr., house 799 Clybourn av.
Lockl, George, lab., house Cherry nr. the river
Lockle, Joseph, bartndr., 4145 S. Halsted
Lockman, August, fireman, house 134 N. Peoria
Lockman, George, carp., house 101 Bremer
Lockmann, Anthony, harnessmkr., 16 State, house 433 S. Halsted
Locknane, Patrick, lab., house 147 N. Ashland av.
Lockrell, Charles, plumber, house 320 Clark
Lockridge, P. S., barber, 873 Cottage Grove av.
Locks, Frederick, cabinetmkr., house 129 Cornelia
Lockton, Francis, molder, house 9 Dashiel
Lockton, Thomas, fireman, house 9 Dashiel
Lockton, Thomas, reporter, (Times), bds. 83 S. Morgan
Lockwitz, Carl F., lab., house 270 N. Sangamon
Lockwood, Charles R., wirewks., 242 Madison, house Wilmette
Lockwood, Edward, lab., house 1418 Dearborn
Lockwood, Ernest H., bkpr., 207 Monroe, house Glencoe, Ill.
Lockwood, F. G., trav. agt., 47 State
Lockwood, George, carp., house 586, 26th
Lockwood, Harry, engineer, house 248 Fulton
Lockwood, Henry B., (Lockwood & Draper), Wabash av., boards Sherman house
Lockwood, James, waiter, 144 Madison
Lockwood, James B., clerk, 51 Lake, boards 27 N. Hoyne av.
Lockwood, John, baggage master, (C.A.&St. L.R.R.), house 83 W. Vanburen
Lockwood, J. J., agt., (Hydraulic press Brick co.), 175 Lake
Lockwood, J. L., bartndr., boards 1051 W. Madison
Lockwood, Luther B., carp., house 211½ W. Lake
Lockwood, Pardee, painter, house 153 Henry
Lockwood, Samuel T., (S. T. Lockwood & Co.), 207 Monroe, house Glencoe, Ill.
Lockwood, S. T. & Co., (Samuel T. Lockwood), dry goods, 207 Monroe
Lockwood, Sarah, Mrs., house 494 W. Madison
LOCKWOOD & DRAPER, (Henry B. Lockwood and Nelson C. Draper), teas, 53 Wabash av.
Lockyer, Henry, lab., house 19 Broad
Lodding, Frederick, house 704 S. Halsted
Lodding, Henrietta, wid. Charles, house 20 Dekalb
Loder, Charles, plumber, house 917 W. Harrison
Loder, Daniel, wagonmkr., house 120 Rumsey
Loder, George, brushmkr., house 917 W. Harrison
Loderberg, Jon, house 561 W. Superior
Loderhoc, Jacob, clerk, 45 Lake, h. 326 N. Paulina
Loderhoze, Jacob, tanner, house 326 N. Paulina
Loderson, Benjamin, cooper, house 26 Temple
Loderson, Peter, cooper, house 26 Temple
Lodge, Ada, wid. Joseph P., notions, 73 Waller
Lodge, George R., foreman, Beach cor. W. Taylor, house 1047 W. Jackson
Lodge, Patrick, lab., house 4027 Dearborn
Lodge, Thomas, lab, house 1523, 5th av.
Lodge, William, molder, house 228 N. Market
Loding, Catharine A., wid. Charles, house 195 Walnut
Loding, Charles, driver, house 704 S. Halsted
Lodudsky, Joseph, lab., 380, 5th av.
Loe, Edward C., cutter, house 786 Dania av.
Loe, John, truckman, house 164, 27th
Loeb, Adolph, (Loeb & Co. and A. Loeb & Bros.), 131 Lasalle, house 528 Dearborn av.
Loeb, Adolph, (Loeb & Judah and Adolph Loeb & Co.), 210 Lasalle, house 1682 Wabash av.
LOEB, ADOLPH & CO., (Adolph Loeb and M. S. Judah), ins. agency, 210 Lasalle
Loeb, Amelia B. Miss, clerk, boards 364 Calumet av.
Loeb, A. & Bro. (Adolph and William Loeb), loans, 131 Lasalle
Loeb, Bernhart, paperhr., house 20 Brown
Loeb, Carl, salesman, 105 Wabash av., house 85, 24th
Loeb, Charles, lab., house 216 W. 13th pl.
Loeb, Charles, lab., house 604 W. Superior
Loeb, David, clerk, 88 Madison, house 455 Fulton
Loeb, Edward, lab., house 130 Lock
Loeb, Henry, lab., house 380 Emerald av.
Loeb, John, lab., 57 N. Wells
Loeb, Joseph, cabinetmkr., house 16 Pitney ct.
Loeb, Joseph, trav. agt., 157 Franklin, boards 455 Fulton
Loeb, Leopold, (Loeb & Guthman), 1413 State
Loeb, Moritz, (Loeb & Co.), 106 Archer av.
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Thomson, Barbara, wid. John, house 61 Wieland
Thomson, Cecilia M., wid. David, dressmkr., 534 Hubbard
Thomson, Charles, lab., house rear 232 Townsend
Thomson, Claus, peddler, house 133 Sheffield av.
Thomson, David, house 553 Calumet av.
Thomson, Eugene L., printer, house 517 Carroll av.
Thomson, Frank G., clerk, 79 Jackson,house 45, 14th
Thomson, George B., clerk, 113 South Water, house 215 W. 14th
Thomson, George R., clerk, 264 South Water, boards 108 Sedgwick
Thomson, Haus, watchman, house 172 N. Desplaines
Thomson, Henry Wendell, editorial writer, (Times), house 364 W. Washington
Thomson, James, bkpr., 38 South Water, h. Lake View
Thomson, James jr., bkpr., house 260 Ohio
Thomson, James, milk depot, 488 Fulton
Thomson, James, stkman, house 742 Bowen av.
Thomson, James, house 260 Ohio
Thomson, John, clerk, 184 Lake
Thomson, John, physician, house 689 Carroll av.
Thomson, John, sailor, boards, 94 W. Ohio
Thomson, John A., clerk, (P. O.), house 197 N. Lasalle
Thomson, Joseph H., janitor, house 739 W. Kinzie
Thomson, J. C., solicitor, 5, 91 Dearborn
Thomson, J. K, agt, boards 624 S. Halsted
Thomson, N. L., cigars, 61½ W. Kinzie
Thomson, Peter, painter, house 187 Townsend
Thomson, Robert H., salesman, 32 Lake, house 18 Seeley av.
Thomson, Solomon H., restaurant, 151 Dearborn, house 46 Park av.
Thomson, Swyen G., house 200 N. Curtis
Thomson, Thomas, (Charles E. King & Co.), 119 Lasalle, house 497 W. Lake
Thomson, Thomas, glider, boards Pacific house
Thomson, Tolle, cabinetmkr., h. 643 N. Ashland av.
Thomson, T. B., restaurant, 99 State, house 50 Cottage Grove av.
Thomson, William, clerk, house 260 Ohio
Thomson, William, clerk, 121 State, house 23 Miller
Thomson, William A., foreman, 126 Michigan av.
Thomson, William H., cash., 79 Jackson, h. 45, 14th
Thomson & Taylor, (Alexander M. Thomson, James E. Taylor and E. Allen Downs), coffee and spices,
-----38 to 42 South Water
Thomssen, C. H., (Thomssen & Bro.), 12 N. Wells, house 104 Michigan
Thomssen, J. C., (Thomssen & Bro.), 12 N. Wells, house 104 Michigan
Thomssen & Bro., (C. H. & J. C. Thomssen), saloon, 12 N. Wells
Thon, Christov, striper, house 702 N. Hoyne av.
Thon, Ekhard, lab., house 702 N. Hoyne av.
Thon, Ely, finisher, house 643 N. Robey
Thon, Francis, painter, house 507 W. Chicago av.
Thon, George, clerk, boards 700 W. 12th
Thon, Henry, oil finisher, house 717 W. Chicago av.
Thon, William, finisher, house 400 W. Chicago av.
Thonagel, Albert, house 5744 N. Wells
Thonander, John, bootmkr., 136 N. Desplaines
Thonnes, J. M., messenger, house 418 S. Morgan
Thonnseon, Gabriel, cooper, house 714 W. North av.
Thor, Charles, delicacies, 218 W. Indiana
Thoreson, John, cabinetmkr., house 63 W. Indiana
Thoreson, John, lab., house 106 N. Fairfield av.
Thoreson, Charles, upholstr., 65 W. Indiana
Thoreson, Thomas, upholstr., house 267 W. Ohio
Thorgrimson, Martin, machinist, house 194 W. Erie
Thorin, Peter, carp, house 38 Bremer
Thorlejomsen, ------, cabinetmkr., h. rear 36 W. Erie
Thormahlen, Max, bakery, 376 N. Wells
Thorman, Emil, porter, house 116 Barber
Thorman, Max, pumpmkr., house 618 W. 14th
Thormann, Henry, cabinetmkr., house 346 Blue Island av.
Thormann, William, cook, house 89 Forquer
Thormark, Laurits, carrier, house 38 Ayers ct.
Thormeyer, Frank R., real est., house 397 Sedgwick
Thorn Bros., (S.P.C. and Frank H. Thorn), wood engravers, 28 McCormick blk.
Thorn, Charles S., machinist, house 315 Rush
Thorn, Edward, carp., 120 Quincy
Thorn, Edwin, (Platt & Thorn), 9 N. Canal, house 42 Loomis
Thorn, Frank H., (Thorn Bros.), 28 McCormick blk., house 382 W. Monroe
Thorn, Frank H., asst. ticket agt., S. Canal nr. W. Madison, boards 383 W. Monroe
Thorn, Frederick, house W. Polk cor. S. Paulina
Thorn, George S., photog., house 626 Hubbard
Thorn, Henrietta Mrs., cigars, 273 Larrabee
Thorn, Jacob, carp., house 632 Cottage Grove av.
Thorn, Stephen, salesman, 215 Madison, house 646 Vanburen
Thorn, S. P. C., (Thorn Bros.), 28 McCormick blk., house 382 W. Monroe
Thorn, William H., clerk, 237 N. Clark, h. 315 Rush
Thorn, William S., ticket agt., S. Canal nr. W. Madison, house Englewood


THORN WIRE HEDGE CO., (A.K. Stiles, pres.; J.W. Calkins, sec; W.T. Calkins, treas.;), mnfrs. Kelly
-----barb fence, 34 and 36 S. Canal
Thornberg, Axel, driver, house 223 N. Franklin
Thornbury, Edward, conductor, boards 994 W. Lake
Thornbush, Henry, Porter, boards, 606 N. Ashland av.
Thornbush, Step, stableman, house 13 Reynolds pl.
Thorncroft, Henry, meatmkt., 673 Hubbard
Thorndike, James E., clerk, 119 Monroe, house 264 W. Washington
Thorne, Albert H., police, house 360 S. Robey
Thorne, Alexander L., (Thorne & Co.), 2, 142 Lasalle, house 123 Calumet av.
Thorne, Charles S., buyer, 215 Madison, house 226 Ogden av.
Thorne, George R., (Montgomery Ward & Co.), 227 Wabash av., house 399 Orchard
Thorne, James, cooper, house 798, 31st
Thorne, James, upholstr., boards 628 W. Madison
Thorne, John, machinist, house 144 W. Lake
Thorne, Stephen, clerk, (M.C.R.R. freight), house 1046 W. Adams
Thorne, Thomas F., bkpr., (Com. nat. bank), boards 365 Michigan av.
Thorne, William H., salesman, 253 Lake, boards 288 Wabash av.
Thorne, William K., (William K. Thorne & Co.), 31 Metropolitan blk., house Rogers Park
Thorne, William K. & Co., (William K. Thorne), com. mers., 31 Metropolitan blk.
Thorne & Co., (Alexander L. Thorne), pork packers, 2, 142 Lasalle
Thorngreen, Charles A., lab., boards 144 Michigan
Thornhill, Joseph, coal, 393 Clark
Thornley, John, clerk, 102, 22nd
Thornquest, Frank, painter, house 155 Wesson
Thornquest, Frederick, carriages, 134 Michigan av., house 155 Wesson
Thornquest, F. E.,wagonmkr., house 10 Wendell
Thornroot, Theodore, carp., house 296 Burling
Thornsen, Anton, bakery, 66 Bismarck ct.
Thornton, Anna Miss, house 759 W. Vanburen
Thornton, A. L., engraver, house 101, 29th
Thornton, Bernard, lab., house 21 Church pl.
Thornton, Calvin, saloon, 161 Adams, house 371 State
Thornton, Catherine, wid. Samuel J., h. 23 Coventry
Thornton, Charles, brass molder, bds. 354 Rebecca
Thornton, Charles, clerk, house 101 Chicago av.
Thornton, Charles E., lawyer, house 101 Chicago av.
Thornton, Charles S., lawyer, 17, 143 Lasalle, house Normalville
Thornton, Christopher, lab., bds. 847 Blue Island av.
THORNTON, DAVID, wines and liquors, stores 162 and 164 Clark, 181 Monroe and 20 Arcade ct.,
-----boards Windsor hotel
Thornton, Edward E., agt., house 618 State
Thornton, Elijah B., clerk, 86 Wabash av., house 168 W. Madison
Thornton, Eliza Mrs., dressmkr., 168 W. Madison
Thornton, E., baggageman, house Oakley av. se. cor. W. Polk
Thornton, Freelove, wid. Stephen, h. 279 Calumet av.
Thornton, F. C., bartndr., 161 Adams
Thornton, F. L., bkpr., 129 Dearborn
Thornton, Henry, painter, boards 227 W. Randolph
Thornton, Henry H., carp., house 341 Hubbard
Thornton, James, barkpr., house 181 Monroe
Thornton, James, carp, house 575 S. Jefferson
Thornton, James, lab, house 10 Rucker
Thornton, James, lab., boards 816 Indiana av.
Thornton, James A., capitalist, h. 1820 Wabash av.
Thornton, John, mason, house 335 W. Polk
Thornton, Lavinia Miss, house 339 Hubbard
Thornton, Lucius C., engraver, house 101, 29th
Thornton, Margaret, wid. Nicholas, h. 191 W. Huron
Thornton, Marion, conductor, bds. 394 W. Randolph
Thornton, Mary Miss., dressmkr., boards 211 Calumet av.
Thornton, Mary, wid. Abraham, house 448, 23d
Thornton, Michael, lab., boards 28 Liberty
Thornton, Michael, lab., house rear 39 Arthur
Thornton, Patrick, mason, house 335 S. Polk
Thornton, Patrick H., painter, h. 1584 Wentworth av.
Thornton, Richard, clerk, 91 State, house 25 Sholto
Thornton, Robert, clerk, 159 Wright
Thornton, Samuel, (Samuel Thornton & Co.), 230 South Water, house 2,3 N. Clark
Thornton, Samuel, printer, house 508 W. 15th
Thornton, Samuel & Co., (Samuel Thornton and William E. Holmes), vessel agts., 230 South Water
Thornton, William, bkpr., 156 Wabash av., house 354 Michigan av.
Thornton, William, cooper, boards 211 McGregor
Thornton, William R., brakeman, house 11, 413 State
Thornum, Peter J., painter, house es. Mozart nr. W. North av.
Thoro, August, clerk, 91 State, house 702 Hoyne av.
Thorogood, Robert F., steward, 513 State
Thorp, August, signhanger, house 617 W. 14th
Thorp, Charles W., engineer, house 158 N. Halsted
Thorp, David, painter, house 173 Ashley
Thorp, Davi------
Thorp, Fran------
Thorp, Harr------
Thorp, Jame------
Thorp, John------
Thorp, Lew------
Thorp, Lewi------
Thorp, T. H.------
Thorp, Will------
Thorpe, Alf------
Thorpe, Edw------
Thorpe, Ell------
Thorpe, Fra------
Thorpe, Fr------
Thorpe, Luc------
Thorpe, Ow------
Thorpe, Wi------
Thorsell, G------
Thorsan, Ta------
Thorsen, A------
Thorsen, A------
Thorsen, A------
Thorsen, H------
Thorsen, Ja------
Thorsen, Je------
Thorsen, O------
Thorsen, P------
Thorson, A------
Thorson, A------
Thorson, Ch------
Thorson, D------
Thorson, E------
Thorson, G------
Thorson, J------
Thorson, L------
Thorson, M------
Thorson, M------
Thorson, O------
Thorson, S------
Thorson, S------
Thorson, T------
Thorson, T------
Thorson, T------
Thorson, T------
Thorson &------?------Tollaks------
Thorsten, B------
Thorsten, C------
Thorston, ------
Thorston, ------
Thorud, Ha------
Thorup, Jo------
Thorwald ,------
Thost, Jul------
Thrall, Ly------
Thrall, Ra------
Thrall, San------
Thrall, T.------
Thrall, Wil------
Thran, Joh------
Thredgold ------
Threedy, ------
Threm, Lo------
Thresher, ------
Threw, Ja------
Thrimer, L------
Throbeck, ------
Throlsen, ------
Throlsen, S------
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Vail, William, supt., 272 Oak
Vaile, Edwin O., teacher, (Central high schl.), h. Austin
Vaillancourt, Celestin P., blksmith, house Maywood
Vaktor, Martin, tailor, house 103 Brigham
Vala, John, lab, house 82 Fry
Valadres, Joseph, barber, house 327 State
Valanta, Lawrence, lab., house 392 Archer av.
Valck, Reimey, boilermkr., house 189 McGregor
Valcke, Fred, machinist, house 176 Newberry av.
Vale, Harry E., (Vale & Son), 640 W. Vanburen, house 1193 S. Paulina
Vale, Joseph, (Vale & Son), 640 W. Vanburen, house 193 S. Paulina
Vale, Sophia Mrs., house 703 W. Monroe
Vale, Thomas, lab., house 699 Centre av.
Vale, William, manager, 272 Oak
Vale & Son, (Joseph and Harry E. Vale), bakers, 640 W. Vanburen
Valenec, Frank, cabinetmkr., house 42 Fisk
Valentine, Abraham, house 18 Otis
Valentine, Alistn J., clerk, 158 Washington
Valentine, Charles, carp., house 18 Otis
Valentine, Charles, foreman, 17 N. Clark, house 893 W. Washington
Valentine, David, salesman, 216 Monroe, house 1261 Indiana av.
Valentine, Edward H., manager, 80 Taylor, house 597 W. Jackson
Valentine, Eugene, salesman, 42 Randolph, house 33 Park av.
Valentine, Ezra G., lawyer, 45 Major blk., house 221 Dearborn av.
Valentine, George, clerk, 51 Lake, house 122 Loomis
Valentine, Gordon, salesman, (Union stk. yds.), house Michigan av. nw. cor. 40th
Valentine, James C., (Degenhardt & Co.), 137 Madison, house 512 W. Madison
Valentine, James E., engineer, house 474 W. Huron
Valentine, James H., bkpr., 235 S. Halsted, house 237 S. Halsted
Valentine, Jesse, house 173, 4th av.
Valentine, Jeremiah, lab., house 117 Ellis av.
Valentine, John, house, 124 Loomis
Valentine, John R., real est., 69 Dearborn
Valentine, Joseph E., picture frames, house 105 Canalport av.
Valentine, Lawson E., clerk, Green se. cor. Fulton, house 246 Fulton
Valentine, Nicholas, lab., house 1266 Wilcox av.
Valentine, Norman F., salesman, h. 338 W. Madison
Valentine, P. Anderson, clerk, 158 Washington, house 506 Wabash av.
Valentine, Raphael, saloon, 208 W. Madison
Valentine, Richard, clerk, 122 Wabash av., house Washington Heights
Valentine, Roma, bartndr., 208 W. Madison
Valentine, Theodore, salesman, 195 Clark, house 201 Ontario
Valentine, W. R., clerk, 77 State, h. 1269 Indiana av.
Valentine, Mrs., house 372 W. Lake
VALENTINE & COMPANY, (Charles E. Morrill), manager, varnishes, 66 Lake
Valenski, Gustav, reporter, house 174 Dekoven
Valerda, Emanuel, saloon, 278 State, house 47, 3rd av.
Valerius, Hans, lab., house 750 Dania av.
Valerius, N. P., clerk, 445 W. Madison, boards 11 S. Ada
Valerius, Paul, barber, 434 W. Madison
Valeseck, Gustav, hostler, house 268 S. Clinton
Valestra, Antoni, beader, house 99 Halsted
Valet K. Sammons, clerk, 197 S. Clinton, boards 410 W. Washington
Valeta, Frank, lab, house 766 W. 18th
Valfer, R. R., (Rosenfeld & Valfer), 133 Madison, boards Palmer house
Vallen, John, finisher, house ns. Wellington av. nr. N. Clark
Valinski, Anton, lab., house 208 Holt
Valiquet, M., carrier, (P.O.), house 377 Division
Valiquet, Octave L. M., bkpr., 232 Monroe, boards 153 Johnson pl.
Valish, Joseph, lab., house 414 W. 17th
Valk, Henry, wall paper, 530 blue Island av.
Valke, Robert, saloon, 11 N. Clark
Valkee, Henry, grocer, 317 W. 12th
Valkeaar, John, clerk, boards 285 North av.
Valkman, Charles H., harnessmkr., boards 135 S. Clinton
Valkner, Ludwig, blksmth., house 54 Burling
Valladares, Joseph, barber, 414 State, h. 327 State
Vallee, Anthony, painter, boards, 311 Ogden av.
Vallery, Joseph, lab., house al. rear 14 Bremer
Vallette, Charles E., clerk, 85 Dearborn
Vallette, Frank H., (Haddock, Coxe & Co.), 85 Dearborn, house 692 Carroll av.
Vallette, Henry A., agt., 913 S. Halsted, house 78 Honore
Vallette, Henry F., lawyer, 13, 206 Lasalle, boards 167 N. Clark
Valley, Eugene, carp., house 1012 Dearborn
Valliant, Napoleon O., painter, 137, 5th av., house 472 Centre av.
Vallins, William A., clerk, boards 327 Hurlbut
Vallpaatcht, August, cabinetmkr., house 348 W. 12th
Valsz, Joseph, tailor, house 267 Hurlbut
Valy, Max A., buyer, 138 State, house 456 North av.
Vana, Frank, lab., house 280 W. 20th
Vana, Frank, shoemkr., house 1319 Wentworth av.
Vana, Joseph, lab., house 591 Centre av.
Vanack, Anthony, lab., house 37 Illinois
VanAken, Anton, bakery, 136 W. Randolph
VanAken, Edward, (Atzel & VanAken), 222, 22nd
VanAllen, Absalom, machinist, house 156 N. Green
VanAllen, Ellen, wid. James, house 3, 411 State
VanAllen, Etta Miss, house 894 Fulton
VanAllen, Jacob, builder, house 82 N. Sangamon
VanAllen, Jacob, machinist, (
Clement & Sayer), clothing manfrs., 416 to 424 Milwaukee av.,
----- house 82 N. Sangamon
VanAllen, John, teamster, house 690 State
VanAllen, John D., clerk, 102 Wabash av., house 894 Fulton
VanAllen, John P., lab., boards, Windsor hotel
VanAllen, Mary A., wid. James, house 731 W. Kinzie
VanAllen, Peter, lab., house 141 N. Lincoln
VanAlstyne, James, clerk, 32 Lake, house 290 Wabash
VanAlstyne, William C., clerk, (M.C.R.R. ft.), South Water
Vananteerp, Minard C., lab., house 28 Vanburen
VanArman, John, (VanArman & Gordon), 78, 172 Lasalle, house 7 Park pl.
VanArman & Gordon, (John VanArman and Alfred H. Gordon), lawyers, 78, 172 Lasalle
Vanarsdale, Ella B. Mrs., teacher, house 460 W. Washington
Vanarsdale, George, house 629 W. Monroe
VanArsdale, John R., cash., 4,97 Washington, house Evanston
VanArsdale, William T., clerk, 80 Wabash av., house Evanston
Vanarsdale, William W., 150 Madison, house 460 W. Washington
Vanastareren, Arnold, peddler, house 400 N. Wood
Vanatta, William, livery, house 124 Vincennes av.
Vanatta, Edward, molder, house 101 W. Adams
VanAnken, Joseph, painter, h. 77 N. Western av.
VanBaalen, Daniel, hatter, 165 Madison, house 755 Wabash av.
VanBaalen, Emanuel, cutter, house 666 W. Lake
VanBaalen, Emanuel, salesman, 108 Clark, house 755 Wabash av.
VanBaalen, Henry, clerk, 64 Wabash av., house 755 Wabash av.
VanBaalen, Israel, ins. agt., house 666 W. Lake
VanBaalen, Joseph, house 755 Wabash av.
VanBaalen, Louisa Miss, milliner, h. 666 W. Lake
VanBaalen, William, clerk, 165 Madison, house 755 Madison
Vanberg, Peter O., shoemkr., house 322 N. Market
Vanberg, Samuel, lab., house rear 156 N. Ada
VanBergen, Harry M., clerk, 9, 171 Randolph, house 104½ S. Desplaines
VanBergen, Nicholas, painter, house 120 Throop
VanBergen, William F., clerk, (C.&N.W.R.R.), house Oak Park
VanBerschot, Johanna, wid. James, h. 108 Gurley
VanBerschot, John N., watchman, house 47 S. Ann
Vanbramer, Isaac, tinner, house 45th nr. Cottage Grove av.
VanBrocklin, William, salesman, 251 Madison, house 1148 Wabash
VanBrunt, John F., painter, house 82 S. Paulina
VanBuelow B., baker, 154, 22d
VanBuren, Augustus, (E. & A. VanBuren), 52, 172 Lasalle, house 413 W. Washington
VanBuren, Barent, drugs, 1248 W. Madison
VanBuren, Block, 41 to 67 W. Vanburen
VanBuren, Charles F., machinist, house 42 N. Green
VanBuren, Dennison S., driver, house 45 Pearce
VanBuren, Edward, trav. agt., 15 Lake
VanBuren, Evert, (E. & A. VanBuren), 52, 172 Lasalle, boards St. Caroline's Court hotel
VanBuren, E. & A., (Evert and Augustus VanBuren), lawyers, 52, 172 Lasalle
VanBuren, Henry, physician, house 15 N. May
VanBuren, James, lawyer, 52, 172 Lasalle, boards 15 Eldridge ct.
VanBuren, John, carp., house 13 Silver
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Transcribed by Kim Torp


Valee Driver

Valkee is a pocket-sized light therapy device that channels bright light via the ear canals into the brain. A daily 12-minute dose is studied to have beneficial effects on mood and wellbeing as reported by University of Oulu, Finland, according to its research program since 2008. The product was launched in 2010 in Europe under the CE Class II medical device certification.

The mission of the Valkee company – harnessing the power of light
Valkee is a health technology company focused on harnessing the benefits of bright light for the human mind and performance.

Based on long-term scientific research and development work together with Finland’s Oulu University, Valkee introduced the world’s first bright light headset, the Valkee NPT 1000, in 2010.

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