The modem is specifically designed for legacy V.23 systems at 300 to 1200 bit/s and can be used either for multidrop applications or as a driver for a “push to talk” VHF radio system (relay version). The unit’s transmitter can be controlled by hardware handshaking, but can also use the auto turning time functionality built in. The Westermo range of industrial short haul modems ensures your serial RS-232 communications remain reliable up to 18 km / 11 miles. Our ruggedized short haul modems act as point to point RS-232 line drivers and are designed to operate in harsh environments.

Westermo Teleindustri Ab Modems Driver Download For Windows 10

WindowsWestermo teleindustri ab modems driver download for windows 10
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Westermo Teleindustri Ab Modems Driver Download For Windows 7

We are now Westermo Network Technologies. Westermo Teleindustri AB renamed Westermo Network Technologies AB. Westermo Teleindustri AB has changed its name to Westermo Network Technologies AB, better reflecting its focus on providing robust, secure and easy-to-use network technologies for mission-critical systems used mainly within the transport, infrastructure, utility, processing and marine.

Westermo Teleindustri Ab Modems Driver Download For Windows

  • This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported. Product has no replacement part.

    The FD-10 is an Industrial universal Profibus DP slave unit that is able to transfer Profibus DP data via leased lines, dialup modems or radio systems without the use of special drivers or special PLC cards. The FD-10 can be used to interface different Profibus DP networks. All Westermo fieldbus adapters use the same protocol to communicate with each other via serial interface. The flexibility of the protocol means that it is possible to mount the units with a radio on moving trolleys and transmit the process data to remote Profibus networks. The FD-10 is easily configured with FD-Tool, a windows based software tool running on a PC. There are three different types of FD-10 devices: FD-10 P: Point to point and Addressed, serial transfer slave FD-10 A: Addressed, serial transfer master FD-10 N: Network, serial sending

  • Product Life CycleDiscontinued
    Product FamilyFieldbus/PROFIBUS DP Devices
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