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  1. X360dock Driver Updater
  2. X360dock Driver License Test
x360dock Usb Loader,which Hacked Xbox 360 And Play All Xbox360 Games From Any Usb Driver,has Been Re.
X360dock is an optional drive emulator for your Xbox 360, which means you can load games from your external game directly, with this item, you can throw away your game disks and enjoy games from any USB storage.
x360dock Features

X360dock Driver Updater

User friendly, nice UI
Solderless, no soldering skill needed
Compatible with most xbox 360 drive types
Support most xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games
Support different file formats, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
High speed USB interface
Upgradeable easily from any USB drive
No drive flashing or JTAG hack required
AP25 protection emulationX360dock driver license test
Different modes: Emulator Mode and Drive Mode
X360dock LCD touch screen will be available soon !
Maybe as most of players have known,x360dock is another revolutionary item for xbox360.It with the same function with xkey,but more cheaper and can support all language.
Yet,when x360dock came out the market for the first time,it didn't with a controller,so you need to use a computer together ,if you want use this item on your xbox360 console. Though by means of using a computer,you don't need buy a HDD,yet for most players,if there have a outer controller for x360dock,that will be more nice and convenience.
Now,here came a updated news about x360dock that X360dock LCD touch screen is incoming.Please read following quote from its official
'Good News: X360dock LCD touch screen remote is coming soon

X360dock Driver License Test

The X360dock LCD touch screen is producing in the factory and will come out soon.It means the X360dock Module 2 which contains the touch screen remote is coming soon.X360dock
For customers who have bought the X360dock Module 1 without the touch screen remote can also buy the remote from the reseller.The remote is compatible with your X360dock Module 1 perfectly! '
Want to buy cheap X360dock,you can consider,as I known, sale cheap x360dock only cost you $69.99,and Get 5% OFF for New Sign Up.Product Decription
X360dock USB loader,which hacked XBOX 360 and play all Xbox360 games from any USB driver,has been Released today!
X360dock is officially released now! X360dock is an optional drive emulator for your Xbox 360, which means you can load games from your external game directly, with this item, you can throw away your game disks and enjoy games from any USB storage.
X360Dock Features
·User friendly, nice UI
X360dock·Solderless, no soldering skill needed
·Compatible with most xbox 360 drive types
·Support most xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games
·Support different file formats, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
·High speed USB interface
·Upgradeable easily from any USB drive
·No drive flashing or JTAG hack required
·AP25 protection emulation
·Different modes: Emulator Mode and Drive Mode
Features in progress
- Compatible all xbox 360 drive types
- Xbox Live safety
- Get your xbox360 drive key easily via X360dockDriver

X360DOCK Module 1

This document will teach you how to install a x360dock XBOX360 drive emulator step by step without any difficulty, please follow all steps and take careful when you make the process..

Disassembly covers (Tutorials at youtube) , unplug your DVD drive SATA/power cables and remove it

Avoid blend too much your SATA cable by unplugging/plugin and reversing the sides, make the same in SLIM XBOX360 model.

Now plug SATA/power in the “motherboard” x360dock connector and link our extra SATA/power cables from “to drive” connector to your XBOX 360 drive , place the drive and set those cables at the free space so they fit comfortable, take careful about do not blend them too much and avoid break them internally
Time so set a small pieces of double tape there and fix the x360dock’s motherboard over the drive
Once your x360dock is fixed, move down the small videoconnector or USB flaps using some tweezers , open UP the USB connector in x360dock,plug our flat cable (you must to see the small blue side part), close the connector and send out the flat cable thought the videoconnector or usb part

Now, open the dongle’s flap, link the another flat cable blue part side and close carefully the flap (double check it’s really closed), finally plug the dongle at your xbox360 USB connector
Do not close your covers yet, plug XBOX360 power, video (move up the flat cable to plug it properly) and miniUSB cable to pc but DO NOT POWER ON YET !!! This part is pretty important because some windows system doesn’t install the drivers correctly

Without Power ON your XBOX360 , go to your pc , download your 64bits or 32Bits drivers and the lastest software application, unrar software to a folder, look for .INF file inside the drivers folder, click right button and select INSTALL, now, Power ON your xbox360,device is detected and your windows prompts for the right drivers, select SEARCH DRIVERS in WINDOWS UPDATE, and after a few seconds, I DON’T HAVE THE DISC, at the next screen select SEARCH FOR DRIVERS IN MY COMPUTER and select the folder where you stored them, after the windows advice continue the drivers installation ,done!

Now, copy your KEY.BIN + INQUIRY.BIN files inside the same folder where the x360dock software is stored. If everything is ok, you must to get a CONNECTED prompt when XBOX360 is powered on.

Once you’ve checked the x360dock working ,insolate it with electrical tape at the top layer and assembly the covers taking special careful over do not break the flat cable, unplug it from dongle if needed and re-plug it again once it’s sent out throught the cover holes
It’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED remove the top cover plate in SLIM models to avoid any shortcircuit and extra heat.

X360dock Module 1 includes Mode Emulator and Drive Mode

Drive mode is enabled in 2 different methods:
1. Unplugging USB cable before power on xbox360
2. Execute pc software, turn on xbox360, click open ISO,
select a ISO, click on ‘Drive mode’, after 1-2seconds the software is closed and your tray is enabled, reboot xbox360

The emulator mode is started as soon as software is executed at the pc computer, turn on pc software after boot in drive mode will produce your tray being autoclosed to init emulation mode. The best method to make the emulator working with a backup properly is booting in drive mode and selecting ‘Play with reboot’ option, it will reboot your xbox360 and will play the ISO backup, as soon as the ISO is detected in banner , you can eject/insert how many ones you want

NOTE: Emulator mode + Software off = ERROR E64/65/69,your xbox360 will think about your DVD is not there or damaged All these kind of methods are continuously updated/fixed just replacing our different software application versions so stay tuned for them;)

Software 1.5 beta Version Notes:
FAT models: some few fat models doesn’t work when OFF-ISO-ON, if you are owner of one of these, just use “Play with reboot”

SLIM 0225 model: This model includes extra checks which we’re fixing right now , meanwhile we fix these checks use the next method to boot your backups:
• Power on in drive mode with a original disc and wait until the banner gets in dash
• Eject the original disc, execute the pc software now, the tray is closed, you will listen how the original disc spins, now open ISO, select your one (do not use AP25 ISO for the first boot) and close the tray by hand or controller, if the backup If after some retries (eject/insert) it continues in PLAYDVD prompt, set drive mode in x360dock’s software (xbox360 ON) and retry the method rebooting