Go into the properties for the USB Composite Device, find the Unknown Composite Device, and update the driver. Select to manually specify the driver location. Point it to the QuickCam11.1.0 Drivers x64 PRO464 folder, and you should be all set. Right click on the X52 device and select update driver Choose 'let me pick' (2nd option) - you get a list of 2 compatible devices Now select the 1st option 'USB device' or something similar NB: NOT the 2nd one with USB X52 in the name!!! Directly after this W10 detects your X52 and you can select NEXT in the installer.

The YEPKIT USB Switchable Hub (YKUSH) is more than just another USB Hub, it provides to the user unprecedented control over the power On/Off of the USB devices connected to the hub. And by On/Off we mean really powering up and down the USB ports, all this by software.

The connection assistant is not able to detect the PEmicro hardware. The first step is to make sure that the USB Multilink or Cyclone hardware is connected to the PC via a USB cable. If so, plug and then unplug the USB cable from the interface and click refresh in the connection assistant. The second step is to make sure that the Multilink is not being used in another software. If the hardware still does not show up, see the following remedies:

(A) Re-Enable the USB driver

If you connected the Multilink/Cyclone interface prior to installing the drivers, Windows will not have been able to find the appropriate driver and may have disabled the device. On the Multilink, this will cause the Blue LED to not light up. If you unplug and re-plug in the device, Windows will automatically disable it even if you have installed the drivers. To force Windows to try and load the driver again, perform the following steps while the USB interface is connected to the computer:

1.) Open the Control Panel (Start Button->Settings->Control Panel)
2.) Double Click the 'System' Icon
3.) Select the 'Hardware' tab
4.) Click the 'Device Manager' Button
5.) The category Jungo should appear there. Expand out the Jungo tree. There will be two devices shown depending on your version of Windows. In Windows 8 and below, you should only see 'WinDriver'. In Windows 10 and newer, you should only see 'pemicrowindrvr'. Then you should see 'USB Multilink 2.0' or 'Cyclone/TraceLink'. They may have a warning (yellow exclamation mark) next to it. Double click this device.
6.) Click the 'Reinstall Driver…' button and follow the dialog instructions for having Windows automatically install the driver.

(B) Re-Install the USB driver

If either of the two devices do not show up in the device manager, download and run the driver install package appropriate for your Windows version (attached to this FAQ).

(C) Uninstall old USB drivers

If multiple versions of drivers exist on your PC, Windows could be loading an old driver version that is incompatible. This can occur if you updated Windows, for example.

For Windows 10 x64 users, perform the following steps to remove the old drivers:

1.) Open a command prompt (you may need administrator privileges) and list all installed driver packages into a text file:

pnputil.exe /enum-drivers > pemicro.txt

2.) Remove all of the inf files for windrvr6.inf. Look in the text file for all drivers where the 'original name' is windrvr6.inf. For instance, you might see the following example:

Published Name: oem163.inf
Original Name: windrvr6.inf
Provider Name: Jungo Connectivity
Class Name: Jungo
Class GUID: {c671678c-82c1-43f3-d700-0049433e9a4b}
Driver Version: 09/23/2013
Signer Name: Jungo LTD

You should remove it with the following command:

pnputil.exe /delete-driver C: Windows inf oem163.inf

Repeat the previous step for all oem*.inf where the original name is windrvr6.inf until they have all been deleted.

3.) Open another command prompt (you may need administrator privileges) and manually uninstall the existing devices in device manger:

Go to the directory C: PEMicro PEDrivers supportfiles Drivers_12_7_0 windriver and type the following commands:

wdreg_gui.exe -inf pemicrowindrvr.inf -log pemicrowindrvr.log uninstall

wdreg_gui.exe -inf pe_winusb_interface.inf -log pe_winusb_interface.log uninstall

wdreg_gui.exe -inf windrvr6.inf -log windrvr6.log uninstall

4.) Delete the following files from your Windows directory if they exist:

C: windows syswow64 drivers pemicrowindrvr.sys

C: windows system32 drivers windrvr6.sys

C: windows syswow64 peusb32bin64os.dll

C: windows syswow64 peusb64bin64os.dll

Yep telecommunication usb devices driver download windows 10

C: windows syswow64 peusbmgr.dll

C: windows syswow64 peusbmgr2.dll

C: windows syswow64 peusbmgr264.dll

Also delete any files that are peusbaXX.dll and peusbbXX.dll if they exist.

5.) Open another command prompt (you may need administrator privileges) and manually install the drivers:

Go to the directory C: PEMicro PEDrivers supportfiles Drivers_12_7_0 windriver and type the following commands:

wdreg_gui.exe -inf pemicrowindrvr.inf -log pemicrowindrvr.log install

wdreg_gui.exe -inf pe_winusb_interface.inf -log pe_winusb_interface.log install

6.) Restart your PC.

(D) Scan for Hardware Changes

If you tried the above remedies and the issue still isn't resolved, let's try to force Windows to re-initialize the connected USB interface. Keep the USB device connected.

1.) Open the Control Panel (Start Button->Settings->Control Panel)
2.) Double Click the 'System' Icon
3.) Select the 'Hardware' tab
4.) Click the 'Device Manager' Button
5.) Expand out the Jungo tree. Right click on 'WinDriver' or 'pemicrowindrvr' and select uninstall driver (check the box to delete the 'driver software for this device' if it exists).
6.) Go to the toolbar and click Action -> Scan for hardware changes.
7.) Repeat this process for all other drivers such as 'USB Multilink 2.0', 'Cyclone/Tracelink', or 'PEmicro OpenSDA Driver'

These steps should also help if your device is reporting an error or warning (it displays a yellow exclamation mark).

(E) Test for installation of the USB driver files

To test the driver installation, download the driver test utility attached to this FAQ. This will check to make sure all files were properly installed. Select the appropriate version of Windows in the utility to check. This may give some indication of what the problem is.

(F) Using a USB Hub

The USB MULTILINK is a high power USB device that draws 500 ma of current from the port. If a USB HUB is used, it must be a self-powered hub (i.e. with a power supply). If the HUB is an unpowered device the USB MULTILINK will not work. USB ports directly on the PC are high-powered (self powered) ports, in general. However, some front panel or laptop USB ports may not be high-powered.

(G) Update Your PEmicro Software

To ensure that your PEmicro software is compatible with the latest drivers and firmware you should update the software. Licensed users of our software are entitled to cost free updates for one year. If your purchase was more than one year ago, please contact us for pricing.

Yep Telecommunication Usb Devices Driver Download Windows 7

Logitech devices is best in computer accessory. But sometimes, you should to update the logitech drivers to the latest version to get the performace for gaming, singing and entertainment. Here are ways for updating drivers for logitech devices.

Logitech devices are so popular in the world. There are many users use Logitech hardware such as keyboard, mouse, speaker, headset, etc. But sometimes, after you upgrading system to Windows 10, some of the Logitech devices also should be updated to suite the best performance. So this article will teaches you how to get the latest Logitech Windows 10 drivers. There are 3 ways you can do it.

Solution 1: Update it in Device Manager


Updating Logitech drivers in device manger will be the easiest way, but it may not update all the drivers. You can try it at first.

Yep Telecommunication USB Devices Driver Download

1. Open device manager.

2. Expand the type tree such as mice and other pointing devices.

3. Find your Logitech mouse or wireless mouse.

4. Right-click it to select Update Drivers.

5. Click Search Automatically for updated driver software.

Then Windows will search and install the latest version of Logitech drivers for you. In this way you can fix Logitech wireless mouse not working issue.

Solution 2: Download Logitech Drivers from Official Site

Sometimes, if Windows cannot recognize Logitech unifying receiver or other devices, in device manager, you cannot update it. In this condition, you should find the real driver by yourself and install it manually.

This way will be a little complex and takes some time. It need you to download the drivers from Logitech official site and then install it by yourself.

Here I will use the Logitech Wireless Combo MK270 as an example.

You need at first to enter the Logitech official Support + Download page.
If you need another language, please find the language choice box at the bottom.

1: Choose 'Downloads' option.

In search support, choose the 'Downloads' options from the drop-down box. This can help you find accurate results.

The download results mainly include drivers download, fireware download, manual file download, etc.

2: Search Wireless Combo MK270 Drivers

Input 'wireless combo mk270' or 'combo mk270' in the search box, and click 'Search' image icon or press the 'Enter' key on your keyboard.

From the above image, you can see the drivers download link list.

3: Enter Drivers Download Page

Click the text link or click the 'More' button to enter drivers download page.

4: Click 'Download' button to start download drivers

In this page, Logitech website had already detected your system. The MK270 driver file is SetPoint file, and you can click the 'Detail' text link to view the driver detail information. It includes the SetPoint files, software version, release date, support system and file size. Choose the right bit version to download. If you do not know how to select, select the full installer.

Click 'Download' button, it will start downloading the driver.

5: After the downloading process finished, you can double click the exe file and follow the installation guideline to install it step by step.

Yep Telecommunication Usb Devices Driver Download Windows 10

Solution 3: Update Logitech Drivers Automatically

To download driver from Logitech website, you need to identify the right driver from the software list. It could be waste of time. It is harder if you don’t know much about computer. So if you would like to download Logitech wireless keyboard drivers more easily, instead of downloading drivers manually, you can use Driver Doctor to help you.

Driver Doctor is easy-to-use driver update software which allows you to download new drivers with just 2 clicks. It provides Windows 10 drivers, so you can use it to download Logitech wireless keyboard drivers for Windows 10.

Now you can choose one of above ways to update your Logitech driver to fix the device out of work issue.

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