The Yost Labs 3-Space Sensor Software Suite is meant to make setup and configuration of the 3-Space Sensor easy. It provides a graphical view of the orientation output of the sensor, and gives access to many orientation calibration parameters such as oversampling and averaging. The data chart gives a quick view of either normalized or raw data coming from the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope, and has options for logging data to the PC.

The 3-Space Sensor Software Suite provides support for all members of the 3-Space Sensor family, including configuration options for specific members. Features include a simple table interface to set up connections between 3-Space Wireless sensors and 3-Space Dongles, and capability to set the current time on the 3-Space Data Logging’s real time clock based on the PC’s system time.

The 3-Space Sensor Software Suite makes setup of some of the more advanced sensor options easy, as well. The suite provides HID customization capabilities, by which the sensor can be made to act as a joystick or mouse for the PC with user defined buttons and motion axes. The suite also has a wizard for setting up the sensor’s Multi-Reference calibration scheme, which can increase accuracy after a short calibration process. It gives access to firmware update capabilities as well.

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  • Realtime interactive 3D display of orientation
  • Realtime display of sensor data in strip-chart format
  • Access to calibration and performance features
  • Sensor data capture to file
  • Access to all sensor configuration parameters
  • Supports all members of the Yost Labs 3-Space Sensor family
  • Allows sensor firmware updates
  • Data terminal for interactive ASCII communication and debugging
  • Installer includes latest drivers


Operating System – Windows Vista/7/8/10(32-Bit or 64-Bit)


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3-Space Sensor Suite Manual, 3.1, updated 11 Apr 2019


3-Space Sensor Suite Installer for Windows 7 to 10 (includes drivers), 1.1.7, updated 11 March 2020


Yost Engineering Driver Jobs

3-Space Sensor Suite Installer for Mac OSX, 1.1.5, updated 25 June 2019

Legacy 3-Space Sensor Suite Installer for Windows 10 (includes drivers), 3.0r7, updated 28 Mar 2017

Yost Engineering Drivers

Legacy 3-Space Sensor Suite Installer for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 3.0r7, updated 10 Apr 2017

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Legacy 3-Space Sensor Suite Installer for Mac OSX, 1.0.6, updated 1 August 2017