This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. ZM-VE300 External HDD Firmware ZM-VE300 HDD Firmware ZM-VE300 HDD Firmware Update Ultity ZM-VE300 Firmware Zalman VE300. (usually simplified as ZALMAN) is a South Korean company that develops and provides aftermarket desktop computer products with primary focus on cooling enhancement. Zalman has done considerable product development since its founding in January 1999, and now holds several patents focusing on both cooling and fan noise-reduction.

These USB docking stations are a great solution for quick access to bare hard drives.

Introducing a pair of HDD docking stations that offer everything you could ever want to keep your valuable data backed-up. The two versions essentially offer the facility of a quick and easy method of copying data to an external 2.5” or 3.5” hard drive. Where they primarily differ is how they connect to the PC. Below is information about each particular docking station.


ZM-MH200-U3 USB3 HDD Docking Station with RAID Function

The U3 version is the fastest and most advanced version of the ZM-MH200. It connects to the PC via a USB3 cable (supplied) and offers speeds of up to 5 Gbps. Due to this high speed, the U3 features JBOD, RAID 0 (stripe) and RAID 1 (mirror) are supported. The U3 version also features “Green Power Management”, which allows the docking station to go into standby. This reduces the power draw and extends HDD life.

ZM-MH200-HUB USB2 HDD Docking Station

The HUB version offers a connection to the PC by either USB2 or E-SATA for speeds of up to 3 Gbps. This docking station does not offer RAID like the U3, but it does have a built-in USB2 hub along with an integrated card reader.

The Similarities

The above descriptions detail the differences between the two docking station. The following information describes a bunch of features that you can expect to find on either variant of the ZM-MH200.

  • Supports two HDDs with one connection to the PC
  • Compatible with 2.5' and/or 3.5' hard disks (maximum of 3TB per slot)
  • Both support Hot-Swap and Plug and Play
  • Blue HDD access indicators
  • All required cables supplied

ZM-MH200 HUB, USB2/E-SATA connection

ZM-MH200 HUB, shown with HDDs installed

In this article, we'll talk about the 'Zalman ZM-VE300'. This is a casing for external SATA HDD (or SSD because they are also in 2.5' format) and it will allow you to boot your computer from your ISO on your external hard drive. (The external HDD isn't included)
This case therefore serves as a virtual CD / DVD for iso files but you can also create virtual floppy, virtual removable drives and virtual hard disks. This case therefore serves as the virtual CD / DVD for iso files but you can also create virtual floppy, virtual and virtual hard disks removable drives. When you select an iso image, a disk image ... the controller make arrangements to Windows to recognize a floppy drive (virtual of course), a CD / DVD drive ... The only limit is: the size of your external hard drive (or SSD).
The device comes with a free program and specific to it which will allow you to create these floppy, these removable drives, ... on your external hard drive. It will also allow you to perform backups on your external hard drive.

Note :
- In this article you will see the display shows 'USB2.0' screen. However, this device is designed for USB 3.0 and is backward compatible with USB2.0. Because our USB3.0 ports are at the back of our tour, we plugged into a USB 2.0 port on the front of the tower for facility.
- Because you need to take the device in hand to select the iso to mount ... we recommend that you use an SSD instead of a traditional external hard drive because SSDs are much less sensitive to shocks.

  1. Virtual CD / DVD drive (iso files)
  2. Virtual HDD - Floppy disks, removable disks, ... virtual
  3. Interesting device options

1. Connect the external hard drive in the casing

To connect the external hard drive (or SSD) disk in the casing, nothing more simple. Simply follow point 5 of the manual supplied with the device.
Note: The screws and the mini screwdriver are supplied with the device.

2. First use

Zalman Driver

At the first use of this casing, the message 'NO_ISO Folder' will appear on the 'Zalman ZM-VE300.'
If this isn't the case, make sure that your external hard drive is partitioned. For the partitioning, follow the tutorial on your version of Windows:
- Windows XP - Partitioning your hard drive
- Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 - Partitioning your hard drive

For this article, we named the partition of our external hard drive 'InformatiWeb Ext.' (Ext. means : External).

If you have created multiple partitions on your external hard drive, all partitions will be recognized by the device.
Note: In our case, it was an SSD where Windows was installed (hence the presence of the partition : System reserved).

Normally, during this first use, the '_iso' folder will automatically be created on your external hard drive.
As you can see, you need to copy your bootable iso in that folder.

3. Virtual CD/DVD drive (iso files)

For this article, we downloaded the iso of Ultimate Boot CD and Hiren Boot CD.

These are 2 bootable CD very well known and useful, as you can see through these articles and tutorials :
- Article on Ultimate Boot CD
- UBCD - Ultimate Boot CD Customize
- Article on the Mini-XP of Hiren Boot CD
- Hiren Boot CD - Modify the local registry of Windows

Zalman Driver Download

Note : You can create folders in the '_iso' folder to organize your iso images. However, avoid using long names for files and folders.

Once you have copied your iso files in this folder, you may need to refresh the device to detect the new iso files.
To do this, press the left wheel (present in the top left of the device) until a menu appears on the screen.

In the menu that appears, use the wheel to go down to 'USB Connect' and then press the wheel.
Then, go to 'Refresh' and press the wheel again .

Zalman Driver

The device will restart by displaying the following messages : 'Please Wait' and finally 'ZM-VE300'.


Now, the device displays a list of your iso files.
Reminder : iso files must be in the '_iso' folder.

Note : Normally, the message 'NO_ISO Folder' has disappeared.

To select an image iso to 'mount', use the wheel, and press once (don't hold) on the wheel to select it.
Once selected, a CD icon will appear on the screen.

Note : To unmount the iso image, simply re-press once on the wheel.


In My Computer (or Computer since Windows Vista), you will see that the 'BD-ROM' virtual CD/DVD drive contains the selected cd.
In our case, this is Hiren's Boot CD.

3.1. Boot the computer on a bootable iso

Now, we will boot our computer on our virtual CD / DVD drive.
To do this, leave the iso in the virtual CD / DVD drive and restart your computer.

On reboot, before Windows, press the key that corresponds to the start menu (usually F8 or F12).
To learn more about the boot order of your BIOS, refer to the tutorial 'Change the BIOS boot priority'

In the list that appears, locate the lines 'ZALMAN External HDD' and 'ZALMAN Virtual CD-ROM'.
To boot from the virtual CD/DVD drive, select the 'ZALMAN Virtual CD-ROM' line and press Enter.

If all goes well, the selected bootable cd on the device should boot.
In our case, we select the iso Hiren Boot CD.

If the computer does not start on your bootable iso, check if :
- the iso image is bootable (Examples of bootable CD : those mentioned in this article, CD/DVD to install Windows or Linux (including Ubuntu) ...
- the image is mounted in the virtual drive. To do this, make sure that the icon is displayed on the device.

Zalman M300 Driver

Now, you know how use this device to its known function.